Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Not Your Average Wedding Wednesday

So Saturday....I woke up and dragged my butt to Zumba then Body Pump (second time team teaching, WOO!) and after went to the always delicious La Madeline with Trev. While were enjoying a fruit tart thingy my phone rings. It's my ever so awesome Housewife/Soul-Sister calling I'm sure to tell me about her weekend get-a-way she is at with her BF. 

ME-"Hey, what's up"

HW-"Colin Proposed!"


I use all caps because the volume was a bit loud that the whole restaurant turned and stared at me. I swear even the cheerful French music cut off.

I run outside and proceed to hear the shortened version of the amazing moment she whole heartedly deserves. The full version I got a few days later once her phone had stopped being blown up, was even better.

I always love proposals where the girl seriously has no idea, and this my friends, was just that. She knew that her and C were serious but wasn't expecting the ring at this time. He even hired a photographer to take pictures of the proposal, which turned out fabulous. It also made Housewife realize she should probably pay more attention to her surroundings since she got stalked by a dude and his small son for about 30 minutes and never even noticed them. But seriously the pictures are amazing and C did a great job making sure HW had no idea that it was coming. I don't think I have ever seen her smile bigger or cry more. This girl is not a crier but the (happy) tears just wouldn't stop that day. 

This girl has been a huge blessing in my life for the past 5 years and I don't have any sisters but I tell ya she is as close as I'll get. She has the biggest heart and loves unconditionally. I seriously can't be any happier for her and cannot wait for all the laughter, probably some tears, and special moments that come with planning a wedding. 


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