Thursday, April 25, 2013

Long time, no Blog, New Obsession

SO I disappeared for a few months....sorry about that. But I'm back and ready to share some things going on with me!

Last June, Trevor and I moved into our own place. A house with a yard and all. It's fabulous. :) but I have a point here...

When we moved from our respective apartments to the new place we decided that we should probably find a new gym closer to our house, even though we had no complaints with our small, local gym in the Heights. We decided to enroll with a 24 Hour Fitness within a few miles of our house. The first day we went to work out, I decided to try one of the workout just happened to be something called Body Pump.


I have never been more sore in my life that I was the following days. I must have been crazy, because I kept going back. Nearly 10 months later, I'm a bit obsessed now. I go at least 3 times a week and up to 5. I've personally never experienced a workout class that pushes me time and time again. The music is great and the track sets are always changing so your muscles are constantly being worked over.

Over the past 10 months the instructor has become a friend, which is great until I decide to slack for a SPLIT SECOND and get called out! (it's all for the sake of fitness I know) Becoming friends with the instructor has really motivated me to get the courage to look into getting certified, but I haven't been brave enough to take the plunge yet. As much as I know the routines, it's scary to think about being up there in front of a room full of people expecting you to go boss hog (there's the southern Texan coming out in me) on this workout, all the while being the perfect example for them. Plus, your talking...while working out...for an hour! It's a bit overwhelming. However, last Wednesday I did team teach an entire class with P (the instructor). That was a big step for me. I realized quickly that looking down the whole time just wont work and that you have to be able to handle all those people watching you. When the class first started I wanted to throw up I was so nervous, but then as the class went on, I got more and more comfortable. I realize that talking will be an even bigger step but it was a small step for me that gave me a little more push towards actually getting certified.

I've been reading as many blogs I can find on the certification weekend and have really found so insightful posts, which brings me to the point of my debut back in the blogging world. I am putting this out there! I will be certified by the end of this year. I'm putting it in writing. December is a long way off but I want to make sure I give myself plenty of time. However, I do think it will be happening much sooner, especially is Miss P has anything to do about it. Saturday I will be team teaching again. Saturday mornings are always completely filled up so this will be a big day for me, but I'm ready for it. It goes back to loving the workout and believing in it's results. When I walked into that class nearly a year ago, I was barely doing any weight and now I keep up with the "all-star soccer moms". I have muscle definition I didn't even know I could get. It really is an incredible workout and you can't ever peak because you can just keep going up in weight. I LOVE THAT!

Any already certified body pump peeps out there that have any advice for me??? Feel free to share!

Anyways, that is enough rambling for now, but I did just want to share this little update with you all.

There is some other exciting events that I hope to share with you soon as well but for now that's all I can say. ;)

Happy Thursday Dolls.


  1. You have what it takes to become an instructor. You know, I was once upon a time an instructor - you have it girl. Go for it, your classes will be packed and although nerves sick, never doubt yourself!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement Kelli! I truly love being the the classes and this past week people have been coming up to me telling me how great I would be and the encouragement means so much. Now I just have to get brave enough to go to training. :)