Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Proposal Story! (Finally)

Thursday, May 2nd seemed like any other Thursday to me. I woke up and got ready for my typical Thursday. Knowing I had a long day at work didn't make me any more excited. Little did I know, it would be anything but an ordinary day....

While at work that day I was texing with my friend Jessica. We had made plans to have a gossip fest wine night earlier that week. We were texting back and forth trying to figure out a location. We originally had made plans to meet somewhere in the middle of our two homes, after all, Houston is a big city. Over the course of the day though, Jessica started suggesting a particular place not far from her house. I will deny this if you ever ask me about it but I really was annoyed at our new location selection since it was nearly to Jessica's house but I went along with it anyways. She also said that she would pick me up from her house, which confused the hell out of me since we were going to somewhere that was right down the road from Jessica's house. But Jess came up with the perfect excuse and said she will be picking up her 17 month old daughter at her in-laws house after we were done that night. (Clueless Moment #1- Didn't even phase me)

When I got home from a VERY long day at work I noticed that an Engagement Basket that I had made for Housewife's Engagement (To catch up on that, check out this previous post). I yelled politely called out to Trevor asking where the heck Housewife's basket was. Trevor came down the stairs to inform me he had to take the basket to work for a presentation. My response was "A basket.... for a presentation?!?! What the hell kind of presentation is it that you need a basket?" He stumbled through some excuse and I actually bought it. (Clueless Moment #2-this basket was actually party of the proposal). 

Trevor and I then went up to a tanning salon so I could get a spray tan for the wedding that upcoming weekend. On our way home from the tanning salon I turned to Trevor and said "Do me a favor, before you propose, make sure I get a spray tan." (Seriously, swear on my life. I can't make this up) I had no idea that Trevor was trying his absolute best not to lose it since he was planning on doing just that in a matter of hours. Also, on the way home from the tanning salon, Trevor gets a call from his brother Matt. When Trevor answered the phone I could hear Matt talking very enthusiastically about something but out of no where Trevor cuts him off and says "I'll call you later", and hangs up! I was really confused at this point because Trevor loves to talk to Matt any chance he gets. When I asked him what that was about, Trevor just said he wanted to spend time talking to her since I would be out all evening. As sweet as it sounded, I  didn't buy that at all and just figured he was talking about playing Call of Duty later (which I despise).

Shortly after they got home Jessica shows up at our house and says she needs to change before we head out for dinner. SHE TAKES FOREVER! I was again, slightly confused at her behavior but just thought maybe she needed some down time after a full day with her 17 month old daughter, when in all actuality she was stalling to give Trevor time to get things ready. We finally get in the car to head to our selected location and Jessica turns IN to our neighborhood instead of OUT to the main street. When I asked her what the heck she was doing, Jessica said she wanted to look at the neighborhood playground because Mackenzie (her daughter) just loves tire swings. After driving by the playground and turning around, we pull up to a stop sign where Jessica stops so she can get directions going on her phone, which wouldn't be a big deal. But we were stopped for like 10 minutes! Trying to get direcitions to a place that is right by Jessica's house. LOL

Now at this point I am starting to really believe the rumors that after women have babies they get EXTREMELY scatter-brained. Utterly confused why Jessica needed voice activated directions to go back towards her own house, I decided just to let her sort it out. We finally get driving and Jess takes the WAY long way to get to their location. And by long way I mean taking 1960 over Beltway 8 in Houston at 6:30. Anyone who lives in Houston will understand the absurdity of that route. Now I'm really thinking hard at this point about ever wanting to have kids  if it makes you this bonkers. We were almost to our location when Jessica gets a call from her husband JB, who as far as I know, is at his parents house with their daughter. They exchange a rather funny conversation and when she hung up she told me that JB was asking about how long to heat up Mackenzie's bottle for when in reality he was actually with Trevor at the location and asking for an ETA! (Clueless Moment # 1,548)

They arrive at a place in Spring called The Vintage. As they are making their way towards the center of it all, (from the furthest parking spot away) I started asking Jessica where we are going and she's pretty much not answering me and telling me a random story about running into a poll one time. I decided to just give up, and follow her. As we come into the main area that has a big fountain and wine barrels surrounding the courtyard, we pass up the first place that I originally though we were going. I just keep following Jessica thinking we were just going to a different one when she passes the next one up too. While looking at Jessica, I ask where the heck we are going, Jessica replies, "I think I want to go here" and she is looking forward. Not realizing what she is talking about I finally turn my attention forward and  (To my complete and utter shock) I see Trevor standing their all dressed up holding a BASKET (yes the basket from earlier) filled with 3 dozen roses.

I couldn't move. Once I saw him standing their, smiling so big, I seriously stopped walking. I was in pure shock. All the signs from that day came flooding back to me at once and I couldn't believe I had missed it all.

Some of you may ask how I didn't know, after all we have been dating for nearly 6 years, it couldn't have been a surprise. Well I can tell you 100% it was a surprise. I knew it was coming but always thought it would be on a holiday or at least a weekend. Which Trevor told me later, is the exact reason why he did it on a random Thursday in May. He wanted me to have that moment of surprise and shock. (I love surprises) He also knew trying to get me to any location out side of the city (like on a vacation or day trip) I would have picked up on it and realized what was going on. Back to the story though...

As I stood there not moving, I heard two things. One, Jessica telling me to WALK, and two, a camera going off. I turned to the right to see JB, Jessica's husband taking picture of it all. At this point their was no doubt in my mind what was happening and I started to (in true Danni fashion) shake uncontrollably. As I made my way up to Trevor I can tell you I've never been so happy in my entire life. Once I made it up to where he was standing he began to tell me all the things that every woman dreams of hearing from the man of her dreams. As he spoke, tears began to fall down my cheeks. He finished his speech and then he dropped down to one knee and said "so with all that said, I NEED you to marry me." He then opened a ring box to the most beautiful ring I've ever laid eyes on. I somehow managed to get out a yes and even more impressively, Trevor somehow managed to get the ring on my extremely shaking finger. After that Trevor picked me up, and kissed me for the first time as his fiance. BEST. MOMENT. EVER

Once he put me down and I was able to stop crying, Jessica and JB came out and congratulated us. I was so happy they were a part of our special day. JB took some more pictures and then we went into the wine bar and restaurant that just so happened to be the first place Trevor and I went out in Houston. For next thirty minutes I could barely speak. I think I said "THIS IS CRAZY" about 20 times. That was all I could get out! Once I finally found my brain and voice again, I called my Mom, Dad, Grandparents, and Friends and let them all know the good news while we all enjoyed some delicious champagne, wine, and dinner. It was an amazing and perfect day that I will never forget as long as I live. 

We have to say thank you again to JB and Jessica for helping Trevor with the big moment. You guys are amazing and we love y'all! 

I am so blessed to have found the man of my dreams. I cannot wait to become his wife. 

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