Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Loaded Questions, Traditions, and Countdowns

Happy Hump-Day everyone!

I hope y'alls week as been going smoothly. Since I last came to you, I took a trip to New Braunfels with some wonderful friends and Trev to float the river. After heading out of town as soon as I got off work on Friday, we headed towards Austin to spend some time with family when we found out that our plans "changed" So after finding out THAT information we decided to head New Braunfels to meet up with J.C. and Marina early. After we checked in at our cottage, we all headed into Gruene with the Surbers to eat at the Gristmil. It was quite delicious and the margaritas were yummy. After dinner and some light shopping we ended up at a local bar/restaurant where we spent the next hour just talking and hanging out while watching the staff act like fools.  

Marina and I at the local bar/restaurant

J.C. and Trevor at the local bar/restaurant.
We then made our way back to the cottage (so cute) where we spent the rest of the night playing the game of the weekend, "Loaded Questions". And O-M-G did this game have us laughing so hard we were nearly crying. Seriously one of the funnest games I have ever played. As a result of playing for 3 hours that night, inside jokes are plentiful with this group. Shout out to Marina for bringing the game and all I have to say is "You". :) And to J.C. and Trev I am still singing "Day and Night" randomly this week, thanks for getting that stuck in my head.

The next day Henry&Heather, Ashley&Neil, and Travis&Nadia all came and met up with us at our cottage. We then made our way (may have been the long way but that's okay) to the Comal River where we had a day of perfection with lots of sun, fun, friends, and drinks. I remember at one point on the river thinking "It doesn't get any better than this". It really was a perfect day.

 After the river we went back to the cottage where some people chilled, some people starting cooking, and some people napped. I was in the napping category and I am completely okay with that. :) The rest of the evening was spent with the girls lying up in the loft having girl talk and the boys downstairs talking about, you guessed it, A&M to the SEC. We finished up the night with another round of "Loaded Questions" with myself, Trev, JC, Marina, Heather and Henry. Once again, we walked away with even more inside jokes after about an hour and a half of playing. In the words of Heather, Loaded Questions+Good friends=Great times!

This is our cottage. When you walked in there was a couch, TV stand, and small dining table. As you walked forward the kitchen was on the right, the bathroom was on the left and at the back was the bedroom. To the right of the bedroom was the "no fat people allowed" staircase that lead up to the loft. I say the "no fat people allowed" statement because it seriously was the smallest staircase you will ever see.


Sunday after cleaning up the cabin and getting ready, we all headed to Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ for some lunch. If you haven't ever been to Cooper's I would highly recommend it. It's some of the best BBQ I have ever had. (Besides my Dad's)

We wrapped up lunch and all headed home. All of us Houston folks were missing our children pups and were definitely ready to get them back home. It really was a great weekend with great friends and I think we all agreed this is definitely going to become a tradition. After all, with us Aggies, if you do something twice it becomes a tradition. :)

Countdown Update:
-8 Days till Trevor and I's 4 year anniversary
-10 Days till my birthday party
-11 Days till my actual birthday

Absolutely cannot wait for all of the exciting days coming up!
Until next time, Happy Hump-Day Dolls.

p.s.- On our weekend trip we had some great desserts made for us by Marina, check out some great recipes from her blog!


  1. Love it!! If only all the inside jokes were a little more appropriate, I'd be quoting like crazy right now!
    Marinas monster bars = heaven in my mouth! Can't wait to make them!!

  2. Seriously, one of the best weekends of the summer. And those rita's were AMAZING!

    All I have to say is = IN A PARKING LOT!

    hehehe! Next time Heather & Henry come into Houston we will need to meet up and have a game night!