Thursday, August 4, 2011

To my Friends...

It's almost the weekend dolls!

And thank goodness because this has been one rollercoaster of a week. I do want to apologize about my lack of blogging but I have been extremely busy.

I plan on making a week wrap up post tomorrow with some pictures too but today I will leave you with a short and sweet post.

I firmly believe that your friendships should be the easiest relationships that you have in your life. You don't have to impress them, you don't have to buy them things, you're not responsible for their choices; All you have to do is be a good friend, the kind of friend that you would want in return. It's a very simple process...

I'd like to think of myself as extremely blessed because I have a large number of people that I feel lucky enough to call my friends. I would also like to think that means I am good at being a friend to them. They are all a very important part of my life. Some I talk to every single day, some I talk to once every 3 months, but it doesn't matter because they are still my friends. I am there for them, they are there for me, through the good, and through the bad, no matter what the time or place. The definition of a friend according to is the following:


[frend] Show IPA
a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter: friends of the Boston Symphony.
a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile: Who goes there? Friend or foe?

Sometimes it's pretty entertaining to look up the literal meaning of a word. Especially a word like friend because as correct as is there is a lot if left our.

Like I already said, I count myself lucky to have all the amazing friends that I have in my life. Growing up with no sisters or brothers I take my friendships very seriously, so to all of my friends-I love you all dearly and I promise to do the following:
1. Always have your back
2. Make you laugh as much as I can
3. Make as many memories as possible
4. Be a good listener when you need one
5. Love you no matter what happens or what mistakes you make
6. Never talk about you behind your back to others
7. Never judge you, especially when it pertains to subject I know NOTHING about.
8. If I get upset I will come to you directly (We all left high school a long time ago)

with love,

So thank you to all my wonderful friends, I would be lost without you.

Happy Jersey DayThursday Dolls.

P.S. - I apologize to everyone in advance because I am embarrassingly a BIG Jersey Shore fan and will make comments and references to that very classy show. I couldn't be more happy that it comes back on tonight! In the words of Snookie, "I'm on the Jersey Shore B!@*&."


  1. Despite your flaws of loving Jersey Shore (hehe I love you!) - you are an amazing friend!!! From the first day we met you have been one of the best, most loyal, honest, up-front friends I could ever ask for. I love you for that!

  2. You are equally amazing my dear! Can't wait for our annual river trip next weekend!