Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Time to play catch up


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that Tuesday is bearable enough so far.

My weekend had it's highs and lows but ended pretty well.

The past week has been super busy so I haven't blogged much minus the quick friend post from Thursday so it's time to play catch up.

So last Sunday, Trevor and I made a quick day trip back to Bridge City to trade my bed for one my mom had recently bought in the past few years. For those of you that don't know, I have had the same full sized bed since junior high. I brought it with me to college then to Houston after I graduated. I was long overdue for a bigger and better bed. It had served me well and I am very thankful to all the wonderful sleep I got while in it. My new bed is a queen, pillow top mattress. :) Yay. My mom also sent me back with a bed spread for it so that I wouldn't have to go and spend the money for a new one.

My new bed!

My wonderful mom also gave me the matching shower curtain since mine was big time a tiny bit outdated, I had had my previous one since freshman year. It was time for a change.

New shower curtain and rug.

I absolutely love my new bed! It is so comfortable and has plenty of room for little miss priss, aka Chanel, to stretch out as much as she pleases.

This bed has been Chanel approved.

Okay y'all, I usually just bring fruit or a pop tart to work in the morning for breakfast and make the occasional stop at the donut shop right by work for some kolaches. So, imagine my excitement when I come home from work on Tuesday to find a notice on my door saying that a state farm agency will be giving out free breakfast on Wednesday morning. Excitement builds as I tell Trevor about it and dream of the donuts, kolaches, or chicken minis that will start my Wednesday off wonderfully. So Wednesday morning comes and I walk faster than normal into my garage to get the gate faster and enjoy my Delicious free breakfast, and as I pull up to the gate a girl approaches my car window and begins to tell me that state farm just wanted to come out and give us free breakfast and tell us where they are located and some information on hurricane season and flood insurance. I politely listen to her spill while sniffing the air to try and figure out what free breakfast I will be getting. Another man walks up and hands her this clear sleeve with some paper and some sort of , what I am assuming, free magnet or pen...to my unpleasant surprise this is what I was handed.
And this ladies and gentleman...was my  "free breakfast"...a DAMN granola bar and a OJ. As she continued to talk to me about pointless insurance and I realized I would not be receiving any kolaches or even a donut, my Wednesday morning mood significantly dropped. She then asked me if she could get some information from me so they could send ME more pointless insurance papers. My response was "No". as I began to roll up my window and drive away. How dare they make such an exciting claim to only skimp out and give us a stupid granola bar that wouldn't even fill up your average junior high girl.

Continuing on to work on Wednesday after my "free" breakfast scam incident. I find out that we have a bit of paperwork to QC approve...
Like, seriously?!?!?! This isn't even my desk. BTW, totally still trying to finish this and it's been nearly a week.

The little joy I experienced Wednesday was getting Mackenzie (sp?) her first pacifier. :) I had my eye on this thing since Jess told me she was preggo. I knew she was having a girl from the beginning but I waited until last weekend when we had the Gender Revelation Party. I was right! She was having a girl, and Jess and JB informed us that she would be named Mackenzie Lynn. It was a wonderful party and a really cool experience. But back to the pacifier thing, when it was official that baby Bennett was a girl, during lunch on Wednesday I went and made my purchase.

Blinged out with Swarovski crystals. :) Trying to live up to the "cool" aunt reputation I am striving to have. I got to give Mommy to be, Jessica, her baby's new pacifier that night at girl's night and I'm pretty sure she loved it. :)

Thursday crawled by but I just have to mention the most out of the world cupcake that I had the privilege of eating. It was a peanut butter chocolate cupcake. (talk about WAY to many calories and a major sugar rush)
It seriously was the most delicious cupcake I have ever had.

Friday night we went to dinner with some amazing friends at BJ's. If you haven't ever been to that place I highly recommend it. After dinner, Trevor and I decided to have a wine night in because we were building a deck for K9 Transports starting early in the morning.

Although waking up early on Saturday was a slightly hard pill to swallow at first, I am so glad that we went out and helped such a wonderful organization build their deck. We met some amazing people and I got to use a nail gun (way cool). We also got to play with some super cool animals, including Amos the goat who thinks he is a dog and a female horse that is the great grand daughter of Secretariat (watch the movie if you are clueless). It was incredibly hot and I think I drank 7 bottles of water but I can't wait to do something like that again with K9 Transports. The next event we will be helping with is a spay and neuter clinic which will actually be when Chanel gets spayed. (Poor baby) Check out K9 Transports on facebook and become a fan! More volunteers are always wanted and welcome.

Trev helping get the base finished.

Slowly but surely getting it done.

Saturday night (after a 4 hour nap) we went out with a few friends to a new club in Houston called Roake. It's definitely a snoody high class place that we would not have gone to normally but our friend Aaron knows the owner so we avoided the judgmental line outside the door that I am sure only let's in rich certain people. Guys are suppose to be 25 and up, however the guy who checked Trev's ID clearly didn't do so well in math class. Overall though, it was a lot of fun, we made some new friends and enjoyed some great people watching. (pics are on facebook)

Sunday was a day of relaxation and I returned back to stupid wonderful work on Monday only to leave early because I was sick. No beauno. So after making the 35 minute drive home at 11:30, I spent the rest of the day curled up in bed in a ball with my cute puppy keeping me company until Trev came over for dinner. I am feeling much better today.

Happy Tuesday Dolls.

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