Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up and Good Things Coming

Hello Dolls!

This past weekend was a very busy one for me mainly because Trevor and I house/dog sat for his boss and I worked the entire weekend. His boss always watches Chanel for us when we go out of town for Aggie games. It's great for Chanel because she doesn't have to be locked up all day while we are at the game and she has 7 other play buddies. So we decided we should return the favor when she went on vacation this weekend. Did I mention she has 7 dogs? Yeah, forgot that little detail. There is Petunia (the leader of the group and miniature boxer), Cindy(the sweetheart and chihuahua/dachshund mix), Wren(the man of the house and chihuahua), Lucy(the playful chubby chihuahua), Sadie(the smart one and jack russell), Becky(the shy one, not sure what kind) and Peanut(the new puppy) who is a 4 month old "Chug", cross between a chihuahua and a pug. Come on people keep up! Add an Australian Shepherd in the mix that wants to heard groups of anything and you've got a party! It was interesting to say the least. Chanel slept like a rock last night from her very social weekend.

I had to work all day Saturday but it was still a good day, GOD answered all of my prayers. t.u. got the CRAP kicked out of them by Oklahoma and the Aggies B.T.H.O. those idiots in Lubbock (except for Matt, he's an exception). But seriously, what kind of students trash the opposing team's buses by throwing fecal matter and spray painting them black and red??? Oh by the way tech tards, the buses are locally owned and do not belong to the Aggies, thanks and Gig'Em. The game had some stressful moments...this photo says it all. 
Coco, Trev, and J.C.; This is how they looked most of the game, unless they were up screaming at the TV or high-fiving everyone.
Needless to say I was overjoyed to see the Aggies actually play a second half unlike the 2 previous weeks and get the "W". We had a great time watching the game at the Surber's house with some good friends.

Sunday morning I had to work again, which was unfortunate because I would have liked to have continued celebrating the Ag's win Saturday night, but Texan's football calls. But if I did have to go into work, I am glad that this is my office.
Not even open to the fans yet. Pretty cool seeing Reliant at this time.
 Sadly though, my sports prayers must have been all used up for the weekend because the dang Raiders ended up beating us in the 4th. I think since their owner passed, God let them get the win. It could also have something to do with Andre Johnson aka Dre aka AJ being out on injury, just maybe...
We didn't lose for lack of support. However, I am quite sure Trevor was not  thrilled about his daughter supporting the Texans, hehe.
And here we are again on Monday, the day that starts the beginning of another countdown till the weekend. Let's face it, you have to look forward to something to get you through the week. Here are the top 5 things I am looking forward this week/weekend.

1.Pumpkin Carving Party at Houswife's place Friday night. Oh yeah that's right, we get crazy.
2. Oktoberfest-Annual work function this Thursday that involves the Crystal Ballroom in downtown Houston, unlimited wine/beer, dancing, valet parking, and ice sculptures. Plus you get to bring a date. WINNING!
3. Kim Kardashian's wedding special: Part 2 that comes on tonight. (Stop judging me)
4.Only working half a day on Thursday due to # 2. Winning AGAIN!

Happy Monday Dolls! It's halfway over.

P.S.-Please pray that I still have a job come Monday. Why you ask? Well the deal is, several of our executives/owners of the company went to and played football for Baylor. My word vomit friendly trash talking continues to get worse every time they walk by and I am sure will only continue the closer game day gets.


  1. OMG, I'm totally jealous about the pumpking carving night!!! You should make one with the "aTm"!!

  2. I am thinking about it! I need to look online and find some good printouts! :)