Friday, September 30, 2011

Saving Puppies and Expanding Families.

T.G.I.F. Dolls!

This week was a TID BIT exhausting for me so I am so glad to see Friday once again.

With this terribly exhausting week though, something wonderful did happen to me.

Wednesday evening around 6:20, Trevor and I were on our way home from the gym and had just crossed over I-10 onto T.C. Jester on our way back to my apartment. Trevor went to pass a car and right there in front of us was what appeared to be small yellow lab mix sort of wobbling down the road. You could tell it did not realize that it was in harms way since it wasn't moving to quick. I immediately tell Trevor to stop the car (Yes, in the middle of T.C. Jester at 6 o'clock); I jump out of the car stopping incoming traffic and call the dog over to the edge of the road. After some observation I realize she is a girl, doesn't seem to be dirty, just dusty, and has a sort of limp to her back legs. I am guessing at this point that maybe she is an older dog. Trevor moves the car to a side street why we take a look around and ask a couple of neighbors if they have ever seen her. No one knows anything about her. I am not about to leave a sweet dog on the side of a busy road to get hit, so after a quick discussion we decide we are going to bring her to my apartment and then during the day on Thursday Trevor would bring her to a no-kill shelter that works with the pet organization we volunteer with. She was a little hesitant to get in the car but we finally got her in there and made our way home.

At my apartment, we realize she is not familiar with stairs, so we carry her up inside. Chanel is very confused at this point, and CLEARLY not happy with us. If she could talk then I am thinking she would have said something similar to this, "Umm WTF MOM AND DAD!?!?! Who is this dirty tramp that you’re bringing into our HOME?!?! OMG, she just touched my toy, and my bone..OMG NOT MY BALL YOU TROLLOP!" Poor Miss Honeybrowne (as me and Trevor temporarily named her, yellow dog just wasn't working) did not understand why this pretty dog was being so angry. So after about...20 minutes Chanel finally let up enough for us to get Miss Honeybrowne into the bathtub. She didn't appear to be really dirty, just dusty. After a bath we decided we better try and feed her, and we concluded she hadn't eaten in days. She proceeded to eat 4 bowls of Chanel's food. Again, another tough moment for Chanel but she handled it....barely. So after a week's portion of food and nearly 2 gallons of water she started to pep up. Chanel decided since she had been bathed she would now play with her.

45 minutes of playing, wrestling, and a couple of "freak outs" by Chanel later both their tongues were dragging the ground and it was time to relax. Chanel proceeded to get her bone and go lay on Trevor, her typical behavior in the evenings. All was good in the world until Miss Honeybrown decided she would grab a bone can guess how well that went. Chanel leapt of the couch with lightening speed, ripped the bone out of Honeybrowns mouth and growled her very mean growl as she jumped back onto Trevor's lap. After a stern talking and me giving Honeybrowne her own bone we had a fairly relaxing remainder of the evening. We decided that they should probably be separated when it came to sleeping, so Trevor took Miss Honeybrown back to his apartment for the night. After all of Chanel's very "diva-like" moments when Miss Honeybrown poked her head out the window of the car, Chanel put her paws up on the car and gave her a kiss. This is when I started actually contemplating how I could keep her, but deep down I know that just isn't possible for us right now, especially living in an apartment with one very high maintence dog already. Sad day.
This was Miss Honeybrown at my apartment.

The next day as soon as I woke up all I could think about was this dog does not belong in a shelter, she is way too good of a dog. She didn't bark once, she's friendly to everyone, (even Chanel with her severe case of only child syndrome) and is very well behaved. Trevor and I went to work, sending out e-mails at work, posting posts on facebook about her, and working with the Houston Howdy Club to try and find her a home so she wouldn't have to go to the shelter. Around 11:30, something amazing happened; a woman I work with e-mailed me and said that her family would like to take her in. My heart soared, especially since Trevor was getting ready to leave work to take her to shelter. Trevor immediately made a route change and headed up to my work to give Miss Honeybrowne to her new owner. When they arrived she already looked so much better than the day before. She had more energy and her eyes weren't red anymore, it was wonderful.

Miss Honeybrowne's new owner left work early and brought her to the vet to get checked out before bringing her home. Turns out she is a 2 year old mostly lab mix with some golden retriever in her. She weighs 40 pounds, she is fixed, and doesn't have any fleas. She also tested negative for all diseases and heartworms. She did not have a microchip. Only negative thing that we found out was her limp she had actually came from getting hit at a slow speed by a car...bless her heart. But by God's grace she didn't break any bones when it happened and was just badly bruised. The Vet told her new owner that she should heal fine. I swear on my own precious puppy that if I knew who hit poor Miss Honeybrowne I would hit them with MY car and leave them on the side of the road, see how they like that. I will never understand how cruel some worthless human beings are to animals and I seriously hope they all drink arsenic.

Okay back to the happy moment...besides being a little bruised up she is a perfectly healthy dog who is doing great in her new home where she has half an acre backyard to play in with her new sister Brownie, who is also a lab, two twin 4 year olds who spend every afternoon playing with the "doggies" and a loving family that lets them sleep inside every night.

Cupcake with her new sister Brownie

Cupcake with her new family. :)

It seriously makes Trevor and I the happiest people to know that we helped this wonderful dog (recently named Cupcake) find a new family where she will live a full and happy life. It makes us smile to know that those kids will grow up with that dog and will be part of family memories for a lifetime. Helping her was one of the most rewarding things I have done all year. Dogs deserve to have a family that loves them as much as they love you. The incredible thing about dogs is that love unconditionally, selflessly and with their whole hearts, no matter what. I am so glad that we found her and changed her stars.

I hope that everyone has an awesome weekend, not just a good one, but one of the best of the year.

Happy Friday Dolls!


  1. So that was wonderfully written and made me tear up. I can't believe a car hit her! I like how you wish for them to drink arsenic - I hope they fall in a pool of razor blades and AIDs. Hmph!!! Y'all are such good people with wonderful hearts!!

  2. Thanks H! I get happy every time I think about her now. Her new owner said she is doing great in her new home.