Thursday, December 29, 2011

Early Wake Up Call & Prayers Appreciated

Good morning everyone.

Typically at this hour of 7AM I am just arriving to work, since I work 7-4, HOWEVER...on this lovely Thursday I had to be at work at 6AM, causing my wake up time to be just before 5AM. Waking up before 5AM just isn't healthy. The birds aren't even up. Hell, even my dog looked at me like I as crazy this morning. It didn't help either that it took me close to mid-night before I could fall asleep last night...

I hope I don't end up like this lady this morning!

But alas, here I am, at my desk, trying to keep my eyes open and trying to resist the temptation to make black cup of coffee to jolt me forward. I am trying my absolute hardest to never begin drinking coffee every morning. I see these ladies here at work..they have like 4 cups before noon! That cannot be good for you or your teeth. And sure I could have just one cup this morning and then avoid getting anymore in the future, but that is how it gets you. It starts with one cup and before you know it your fighting your co-workers for that last cup at 3:45 in the afternoon. Okay I'm done talking about coffee like it's cocaine.

However, waking up before dawn was a choice I made. A choice that was made for good reason. I can't say much yet, but today is a bit of a big day for me. I ask for your prayers today. An opportunity has presented itself to me and if all works out, certain areas of my life could greatly improve.

Happy Thursday dolls and thanks in advance for the prayers.


  1. prayers!! it will be worth it! see you tonight :)

  2. Thanks DD! :) Hopefully when I see you tonight I will be calm and happy with the results.