Thursday, December 8, 2011

Life Lessons Learned and Mackenzie Lynn

Good Morning guys!

Okay first off, my apologies for the lack of blogging the past few weeks. The last part of November leading into December was very busy for me, filled with lots of travel and busy work weeks.

During the past few weeks there were different happenings here and there that I thought could make good blog posts but just like coming back to work from a long weekend, getting back to blogging was going to take something good.

And that something good happened Monday morning around 7 AM. :)

Allow me to give a bit of a back story. About 5 years ago, I met a couple through my former best friend. Enter JB and Jessica. I met them shortly after they became engaged and through the former bf, got to know them both pretty well. Fast forward to present time. Jessica is now one of my best friends and JB is like an older brother to me. Jess is a straight shooter and will tell you like it is, but not in a mean way. With Jess, what you see is what you get. Her and I can talk and laugh for hours on end and we see eye to eye on a lot of subjects. One of the things Jess and I agreed on was our lack of love for children. It was an ongoing joke with us until last year when things began to change. :) And come April 2011, Jessica and JB were expecting their first child.

Now just to clarify for all my friends who really think I hate kids. It's not that I hate kids, I just hate the horrible monsters that run rapid around supermarkets and kick people. I also don't appreciate a crying baby in a restaurant and I really like to sleep through the night. Bottom line is that I am in no way ready to put another human being's life a priority over my own.  So when you hear me make jokes about kids, it's nothing personal, it's just a joke. Yes, I do want kids of my own one day, just not ANYTIME SOON.

Now back to the story...Sunday while I was at work, I was texting Jess because she was scheduled to be induced Sunday morning. After a day at the hospital Mackenzie (baby) still wasn’t ready to leave her warm, happy place. Staying true to form, Sunday night, Jessica was laying in on straight to me about how contractions do not feel very well, and that when it was our turns (us being my friends Marina, Heather, and myself) she would not sugar coat anything with us. I think it that moment I added another year to when I would want to have kids, contractions did not sound like a fun deal.

Monday morning, we all got a text letting us know that Mackenzie would be making her grand entrance around 7AM. Now, I am just as shocked as you all, but I was so excited I could hardly get my mind of anything else. Weird! I was so excited for my friends to be meeting their child, THEIR KID that they actually MADE & Created. (The whole process, as common as it is, blows my mind.) I couldn't wait to see who she looked like more, what color her hair was, and most of all, I couldn't wait to hold her. (Again, Shocker, I know).

Mackenzie Lynn was born December 5, 2011. She weighed 5 pound 8 ounces, 17 inches long, and perfect. :-)

Tuesday night, Trevor and I went up to the hospital to meet the little doll. Mackenzie is the first new born baby I have ever held. I was always so scared that I was going to hurt them because they seem so fragile, but I loved holding that little girl. She was so tiny and smelled so sweet. (Never knew babies smelt so good). As she slept in my arms for the next 45 minutes, puckering up hers lips occasionally and shifting around in her dreams, I had this overwhelming since of happiness. This little miracle is going to bring her parents so much joy and I know they are going to be outstanding parents.

Mackenzie and her "Cool Aunt" (No I did not cut my hair, it's just behind my shoulders)
She is such a doll, she completely stole my heart.
Uncle Trev and Mackenzie :)
That night after leaving the hospital, I really got to thinking...seeing JB, Jess, and Mackenzie all together in that hospital room really makes you see what marriage and love is all about; saying "I do" in front of God and all your loved ones, finding out that 2 is about to become 3, holding your newborn baby for the first time. Those are the moments that you will cherish and the moments that matter the most. In those moments you see what true love is. It's not the size or price of your engagement ring; it's not what flowers you will have at your wedding, or what color you’re going to paint your bedroom in your new house. I feel like people today are so dramatic. People make "mountains out of a mole hill" all the time.  Everyone is so concerned about themselves and their own lives they no longer care about the happiness of others around them. I truly love seeing good things happen for the ones I love. You can learn a lot sometimes by watching your loved ones and friends experince those big moements, just like I did watching Jessica and JB go through the past 9 months leading up to the birth of their beautiful baby girl.

Happy Thursday Dolls, Stay warm. :)

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