Monday, November 21, 2011

Catching Up Thanks, an Engagement, and a Birthday.

Apologies for my absence but life has been crazy busy, but awesome none the less.

Before I do some major catch-up on my 30 Days of Thanks, I want to send a BIG Congratulations out to one of my oldest and dearest friends, Ashley B.(see stars in my Sky) and her new fiancĂ©' Colin on their engagement that happened last night. Since we became friends in our junior year of high school, we have had PLENTY of discussions of weddings, proposals, and all other things bridal and I couldn't be any happier for her that she now gets to live out all those dreams. Congratulations again to the future Mrs. Franks. :)

Also, a big Happy Birthday shout out to another long time and great friend, J.C. Can't wait to celebrate Tuesday night!

Okay so keeping up with these 30 days of Thanks has been a little more difficult that I thought. So with that being said, I am going to do a little combining on days of thanks because I want to catch up!

Day 14-17: My Job
Okay so if you know me at all, you know that I, at time, am less than pleased with my primary job. I won't elaborate much but it's definitely a glass half empty a lot of days. HOWEVER, when I step back and look at the big picture, I really am thankful for my job, especially with the Holidays coming up. Not only do I have above average in regular vacation, we also get a full week of either the week of Christmas or the week of New Year's that is not taken from our vacation. I am very thankful for that time off to spend with loved ones. I am also thankful for a job where I get a bonus around Christmas to help with the cost of presents. I am thankful that I have a really awesome boss that doesn't make coming to work absolutely miserable. November 14-17h I am very thankful that I have a job and all the positive things that come from it. I am thankful I am not unemployed and that I can pay all my bills/expenses on my own.

Day 18: Texas A&M University
I wish that Friday would have just been another day; however, it marked 12 years since the Aggie Bonfire collapsed and killed 12 Aggies. Texas A&M University is a big family. Say what you want about us being crazies with all of our traditions and cult like mentality, but there is truly a spirit that can ne'er be told. I want to share a quote from an article that was published in Texas Monthly in November of 2009, which was the 10 year anniversary of the collapse of the bonfire.
“The bonfire symbolizes two things,” reads the 1947 Texas A&M freshman handbook. “A burning desire to beat the team from the University of Texas, and the undying flame of love that every loyal Aggie carries in his heart for the school.”
This statement, along with a lot of other moments from that tragic day fill the pages of that November 2009 issue that sits on my counter. I don't ever save magazines but that one I will always keep. I recommend reading the article in full to anyone-Aggie Bonfire- Ring of Fire. It covers not only the history of Bonfire, but it also paints of vivid picture of the bravery of the Aggie students, football team, and staff/faculty that would not stop until all Aggies were recovered from the pile of wood. I cried reading the article and my heart hearts every year on November 18th, but you can bet every time I look down at this little gold ring on my right hand ring finger, my heart swells with pride. I am so honored to be a part of the Aggie family. I am proud to say that I attended and graduated from Texas A&M University and am extremely thankful that I met some of my best friends and the love of my life while I was there. I am thankful for the lessons I learned while I was there, especially the ones not in any classroom. November 18th I am thankful for Texas A&M University. I am thankful for the generations of students that came before me and helped shape and create the core values and traditions of the university. I am thankful for the future students that will keep those traditions going strong for years to come. And I am beyond thankful for the memories that I have from those 4 years in College Station, TX.

Day 19- Housewife
I have this friend, you MAY have heard me mention her (see stars in sky), she goes by Lauryn/Housewife and this girl is my best friend. Saturday after the Aggies BTHO Kansas, Trevor and I spent the rest of the evening with Lauryn and her bf Jordan (we so lovingly named them LoJo.). We really didn't do anything crazy, just dinner and a little wine after at the apartment but it totally didn't matter, still an awesome weekend. Little moments like having girl talk in her room while the boys watched, you guessed it, more football, are the reasons why I am thankful for her. She may be 2 years younger than me but don't let that fool you, she can dish out some pretty great advice. Even though I am technically an only child, a friendship like ours makes me feel like I have a sister.
November 19th, I am thankful for Lauryn W. I thank God that our paths somehow crossed and that we became friends. I am thankful for all the tough situations that each one of us has gotten the other one through, and the memories that we have made.

Day 20-My Dad
Yesterday, on his way home from Austin with his wife Debbie, my Dad stopped by my apartment for while just to visit. It was great seeing him and getting to actually talk face to face. It's been way to long since I have seen him. My Dad is not what you call lovey-dovey. He is more described as a "hard ass". We have had our good moments and we have had some really bad moments. But in the past couple of years, I feel like we finally got it right. My Dad was strict growing up, sometimes a little intense, but I feel like he played a huge role in shaping me into the person that I am today. Looking back now, I am thankful for the way he raised me, and for the "no room for error" tactic he used. I feel because of the way he raised/disciplined me that I have respect for others, I have manners, and I know not to walk loudly when you’re on the second floor of anything. :) I know that I need to turn off lights if I am not using them, and always do your chores, even when you don't want to. I know that you alone are responsible for your actions and blaming it on anything or anyone else just isn't acceptable.
November 20th, I am thankful for my Dad. I am thankful that he raised me the way he did. I am thankful for how hard he worked when I was young to support our family. I am thankful that we now have a great relationship and that we came back from the dark place that we went to during my parents’ divorce.

I am also thankful for short weeks! My thanksgiving break begins at 4 P.M. tomorrow and I cannot wait. Tomorrow evening is also our good friend J.C.'s birthday shindig, which is guaranteed to be a good time.

Happy Monday Dolls.


  1. I recently started blogging and came across your blog through H-town Blogger Hotties. I am so glad I did, we already have one thing in common, we are both Aggies!! Whooop! :) I am glad I found another Aggie blogger and I look forward to reading your great blog.

  2. Whoop! That is a great thing to have in common! I look forward to reading another Aggie's blog! Going to check it out now.

    Thank you for the comment!

  3. I just found your blog through H-Town Blogger Hotties! It's so cute :). I definitely wish that I would've done a "Thankful for" series of posts.

  4. Found you through texas blogging gals :)

  5. Hey Danni! I've nominated you for a little blogger award. You can "pick" up your award over at my page! Have a great evening!!

  6. Cynthia and Breanna, thank you both for stopping in and for the comments! I look forward to reading y'alls blogs.

    Taylor, I will have to check that out! Thanks girl.