Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random Thoughts of a Houstonian.

Good Morning Blogging world. Sorry for the leave of absence. Since getting back from our fabulous river trip I have been busy, alas, neglecting the blog once again.
The 3rd Annual River Trip was amazing. We had the biggest group yet and stayed in the nicest place we have ever stayed in also. From Schlitterbaun rides that made us ride in circles for 30 minutes before getting on the ride (THE BEST CONVEYOR BELT EVER!), to Floating the river twice, rope swings & kayaks, to the always fun “Loaded Questions” game, it was a fabulous trip. Although I do not think that I will ever eat Cheese Puffs again or take Rachel Ray serious. ;-)
 As of today, it has rained 12 straight days in Houston. T-W-E-L-V-E!!! This week has been particularity annoying because driving to work is a gorgeous clear sky and then around 3:30, right on cue, here comes the rain! Monday it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to get home. It was quite possibly the second worst drive home I have ever had since I moved to Houston 2 years ago. I do have to say though, people who don’t live in Houston complain about the traffic every time they drive through but honestly for a city of 4 million people it’s truly not that bad.
Since we moved and had to leave our old gym (L) and joined the 24 Hour Fitness by our house, they actually have Zumba classes that happen during the time we go to the gym. I really enjoy the classes because it’s just dancing for like an hour. I mean it’s not just step left, step right, kind of thing, it's a lot more intense so you’re getting a hearty workout. And I do understand that not everyone has good rhythm or can move as quickly as others but let me tell you…40 year old MEN have no business being in Zumba class. Now, you may say I am being mean and that everyone deserves a chance but allow me to explain.  You typically try and get to the class at least 10 minutes early so you can get a good spot and stretch. I arrive about 8 minutes before class and find a nice spot. As the class is starting this guy walks in…

Okay so that may not have been him exactly but he was tall, lanky, and Asian. He proceeded to step the wrong way and swing his tree branch arms around for the first song. Luckily the lady next to me noticed his sporadic dancing (if you can even call it that) and made some room for me to move over. About halfway through class, the dude had proceeded to move back a lot causing the girl next to me to be in a really tight spot. She, (very politely I might add) asked him to move forward just a bit. The guy proceeded to say “NO, no room”, and point awkwardly at the space in front of him. About 30 seconds later, he turns around and says (in a very Asian accent) “If you want more room you can go to the back.” DUDE, SERIOUSLY??? It took all my strength to not tell this Yao Ming wanna be to –BLEEP- OFF! The lady was pretty much in shock and said “No, I don’t want to go to the back I just want to see the instructor”, which of course, she couldn’t over the towering awkward Asian. Next time I plan to move myself if he is even in a 10 food vicinity of me. Some people have no respect.
In other news, Trevor is it Pittsburg this week for work. He left Sunday morning and will finally be home tomorrow morning.  And thank the LORD because this girl is not doing so well sleeping alone at the house. Yes I know I am a grown adult and yes I lived in my own apartment for a year and a half but now I live in a big house. And you know what makes you scared when you live in a big house? When your dogs freak out and start barking at 12:45 in the morning. Let me lay out the scenario for you…I had already stayed up later than I usually do reading because I was having trouble falling asleep. Did I mention that the book I was reading was about a man’s wife coming up missing? Yeah smart one Danni…. Anyways, so I finally put the book down and toss and turn for the next hour and a half (never actually going to sleep), when I wake up again to Shep barking very loudly and Chanel jumping off the bed and barking also. My heart pretty much stopped and my mind created the worst scenarios that could rival any modern day horror movie writer. For example, the dude from “The Strangers” that breathes really loud has just landed on your last step and is making his way to the bedroom to chop me up into a Danni salad…

Notice the creepy masked figure in the back, that's the guy I was thinking of.

 Yes, really those are the things that were going through my mind. As I sit in my bed clutching my shot gun wondering if I should go downstairs when I realize that both of the dogs have resumed their position sleeping on either side of my legs. I put the gun down and try again to find my dear friend sleep. I believe it was around 2:38 that I finally fell asleep. Which means 3 hours later my alarm was going off, which ultimately means Danni, the “I don’t drink coffee” chick is about to become the “I need a large java chip Frappuccino lite STAT!” girl because I am STRUGGLING this morning. And to top it off I have a proposal going out today along with production of another…Please LORD let this day fly by.

With that, I am off to Starbucks to try and make myself not look like a blonde zombie today. I hope that y’alls day is starting off better than mine.
Happy Thursday dolls.

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  1. Danni, I am catching up on reading your blog and this one had me literally laughing so hard that I think I woke the dogs and they are way across the house, on another floor of the house!

    I can relate to these shake in your boots moments, minus the boots but plus a lot of shaking. I have a little gun, a 22 I think, that I keep next to me when I am alone. If someone comes into the house and into my room, then POW they get it from beneath the blanket -- they'll never even know what hit them as I pretend to be at their mercy. I'm sure in your situation, a shotgun under the covers would still be pretty evident as the barrel moves upward into the air with a sharp appearance under the covers.

    I too decide to read the most scary books at the worst times. Self torture, what can I say?

    Keep writing, such beautiful things you have to say. You might become like me and after 30 years together a butt-busting-blog might come out. I should've been a writer for a soap opera! haha Aren't all our lives one big soap opera?

    Hopefully those flowers will keep coming and he'll stay on his toes -- he seems to be a good one. You are sweet together. I'm very proud of you and all of your hard work to make your own place in this world. It feels as if I've known you since you were a wee little one. You are precious.

    Lana - Momma C