Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Favorites?

Welcome back to another addition of Friday Tuesday Favorites. Yes I am fully aware that today is Tuesday but it all ways but the actual day, today is my Friday. With the 4th of July tomorrow (no work) and the 3rd Annual River Trip starting on Thursday, I am cruising on in to a 5 day weekend. :)

What I am loving:

Getting to go to my first professional soccer game in the Houston Dynamo's new stadium tonight with our couple BBFs. SCORE!

Getting to see my family tomorrow. My lovely/amazing/awesome grandparents are going to watch Chanel and Shep this weekend during our get-a-way to the Hill Country. We're also getting a new dryer and a lawnmower that isn't from the Great Depression...like this one that we have had to use the past few weeks. LOL.

3rd Annual River Trip!!! Less than 48 hours away!
Not only to I get to be here for 3 full days.....
New Braunfels cabin rental - Outdoor eating area.
New Braunfels cabin rental - Outdoor eating area.

New Braunfels cabin rental - Deck

New Braunfels cabin rental - Living Area

New Braunfels cabin rental - Master Bedroom, King size bed.

New Braunfels cabin rental - Loft view

but I get to be with some of the most amazing people! :):):) I could not be any more excited. And, cherry on top, I found an awesome bathing suit at Victoria Secret for the big trip.

Have a fun, safe, and awesome 4th of July celebrating the greatest country in the World!

"Hey I'm a little drunk on you and high on summertime!"

See y'all next week dolls!


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