Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Favorites

It's time for another round of linking up with Carlie at The Duplechin Daily for Friday Favorites. :)

Who is excited for the weekend...THIS GIRL! Work has been shockingly slow this week, making the days crawl by. I enjoy being busy at work much more than slow because the end of the day shows up a lot quicker.
My BFF/Housewife/Soul-Sister is coming in town the weekend with her "main squeeze" and will be our first real guests at the house!  Also our good friend JC, (who has recently moved to North Dakota for work) will also be in town. :)
We have spent the past two evenings working from the moment we got home to get the house COMPLETELY organized, unpacked, and decorated. We have everyone room decorated except own room. We would rather have the rest of the house nice and pretty for guests. Plus I want new stuff for the master bedroom and home decor is pricey!!! There is something about having your first house guest and actually having a guest bedroom that makes you feel grown up. :)

Saturday we are all attending our friends Heather & Heather's "Mad Hatter" Bridal Shower.

Click here to find out the story on the invitations

The theme comes from the classic tale of "Alice in Wonderland". It is a cute and fun theme for a party. Everyone is supposed to wear hats, however, convincing Trevor to wear one has proved to be a difficult task, hah.

August is 1 of my favorite months of the year. (Tied with December) Not only is my birthday on the 28th but as of the 25th, Trevor and I will have been dating for 5 years. The honest truth is I couldn't be happier. I didn't think you could continue falling in love with someone year after year, but I stand corrected.
August also marks the start to the always busy fall season. How busy you ask? Well as of the weekend of August 18th, Trevor and I have something going on every weekend from that point until October 27th! (except one, we have one free weekend, ha). Between birthdays, wedding festivities, Aggie Football, and work, it's going to be a CRAZY couple on months. I wouldn't change it for the world. :)

So it begins, the end of summer to fall countdowns... I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend and has some fun. After this long week, we all deserve it. Cheers dolls!

Days until our good friend Brandt's backyard bash birthday party-15
Days until Trevor and I's 5 year Anniversary-22
Days until my Birthday Party & Actual Birthday-22/25
Days until Labor Day get-a-way Trip-28
Days Until Heather's Bachelorette Party-63
Days Until the Johnson Wedding- 70

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