Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Favorites

It's Friday, which equals Friday Favorites time with Carlie at The Duplechin Daily


Aggie Football Season Tickets are in!!!
Wednesday when Trevor went to check the mail he walked in and said we got a very expensive package today. Knowing we paid our first born quite a bit for these tickets I knew what it had to be. Did you know that the "average" sports fan will spend $90,000 on their favorite sports team throughout their entire lifetime? (That is insane, but totally believable.) This is our 3rd season as season ticket holders, and I cannot wait to get back to tailgating and the sea of maroon and white which is Kyle Field on gameday. Another exciting part of this upcoming season is our tailgate is being sponsored by Saint Arnold's Brewery ! If you are on campus and near the lot H, look for "Dat Crew Tailgate". Thanks and Gig'Em!

Flowers just because.
After making the 13 mile/38 minute drive home yesterday I walked in the house to find these sitting on the counter. I feel very blessed to have such a thoughtful boyfriend who doesn't need a reason to spoil me. He's amazing. :)

Sonic Fridays.
Yes, every Friday morning I treat myself to a Route 44 beverage from Sonic. It's delicious and it makes my Friday morning happy. You should try it sometime.

Upcoming Festivities
This up coming week marks my favorite week of the year. (Tied only with Christmas/New Years Week) Next week is not only Trevor and I's anniversary (5 years!) but it's also the day yours truly was born. With most of our Houston friends RSVPing "yes", combined with the 9 house guests Trevor and I will have in our house, plus few more additional "out of towners", it's going to be a blasty-blast and I CANNOT WAIT!

I guess I'm not your typical 23 about to be 24 year old. I actually LOVE birthdays! I love celebrating them! I don't understand why most people just don't get excited for their birthdays after college but most people don't. In any case, I am totally okay being the minority in this situation. My friend Ashley was telling me that she gets excited for my birthday because I get so excited! I have had several people tell me that can't wait for my party. That truly makes my heart happy. If people get excited enough to come hang out, have a great night out, and just have fun then I think my over excitement about my birthday is great. :) It never fails that my birthday celebrations end up being a great time and that is only because I am blessed to have a great group of friends and family that go along with my crazy birthday antics. So thanks y'all. :)

(Past Birthday Celebrations.)
2010 Birthday Celebrations (about half the group)
2010 Birthday Celebrations (all the girls)
2010 Birthday Celebrations-Dancing Fools
2011 Birthday Celebrations- About half the group in front of the Hummer Limo. (Thanks Reeves :)
2011 Birthday Celebrations-Dancing with my girls
2011 Birthday Celebrations-My lovely girls. :)

And last but not least, another fun weekend!
Tonight while the men do what they do best around this time of year (Fantasy Football) the girls are going to do what we do best, drink wine. :) Then tomorrow I have a hair appointment, followed by our dear friend Brandt's Birthday Celebration. It's going to be a great weekend with the people that substitute as our family most of the time.

Lastly, I just want share a little something.This morning when I was saying my morning prayer I got choked up...I just feel so blessed and lucky to have such an amazing life and incredible people in it. I am thankful for the health of my family and friends. I am thankful for the stand out man in my life that I get to call my boyfriend, and so much more... I know that the only reason my life is as good as it is, is because of GOD. Today I feel very blessed and I hope you all do to.

Have a great weekend dolls!

Check out the new catchy train song if you haven't yet. :)


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