Friday, October 19, 2012

Catch Up Time & Friday Favorites


Wow, it's been a good minute since I last blogged. I feel like everything has been moving so fast that I have barely had time to breathe!

I noted in a blog back in September that I would be going on an 8 week stint with every weekend having something to do, and I am excited to say that, ALAS, this is the last weekend in the marathon. After this weekend, we have three weeks of NOTHING! I feel super old saying that but after traveling out of town for the past 6/7 weeks, I will be delighted to spend a weekend in Houston. Heck, this weekend will be the first time I've slept in my own bed (Friday-Sunday) for the past two weeks.

So what's been going, you ask? Well a little bit of Birthday celebrating, Aggie football, Labor Day lake trips, more Aggie football, and lots of wedding festivities.  

It feels like million moons ago, but at the tail end of August I celebrated my birthday! It was an awesome, perfect night with the best friends a girl could ask for. I have pretty good luck with my birthdays getting better each year and this one continued on that trend.

The whole group at Rebel's in Houston. Seriously love all of these guys.
Trevor did such an awesome job bringing everything together on my birthday. I am very thankful I have celebrated the past 5 birthdays with him by my side.
These girls...I love them. They are all such great friends. Hell 4 of them will most likely be bridesmaids in my wedding (if I ever get married<insert crying emoticon here>).

 In other news, my friend Heather FINALLY got married. I say finally because they were engaged for a good 2 and 1/2 years before they  had the wedding. (They were saving for their elaborate 3-week honeymoon in Europe.) The weekend before last we had the bachelorette party in Austin and last weekend was the big day. Everything turned out really great and I think all the waiting was worth the wait.

The group of girls at the bachelorette party.
The Bride and her dedicated team of bridesmaids. This was at the reception and it was time for us to let loose.
All the bridesmaids. I really enjoyed getting to know all of these wonderful women.
SO it rained...but it actually held off for the ceremony. This was myself, HW, and two other bridesmaids attempting to stay dry while the formal pictures.
My hott date...go figure I've had the same one for all four weddings that I have been in. I'm a lucky lady.

As previously stated, taking up a lot of our time... FIGHTIN' TEXAS AGGIE FOOTBALL! Or shall I say, Johny Football. What a season it has been so far. After our first loss to Florida, we have gone on to win every game. However, this weekend we play LSU and I am not naive. I know that LSU has linemen the size of NFL players and that they are a damn good team. But I am not counting us out with our super star Johny leading our team, and the momentum the Ags have coming off of two road game victories. This is going to be a hard fought game by both teams and it really could go either way. Since the game starts at 11 AM (WTF ESPN?!?) Trevor and I will be leaving Houston at 7 AM (the things we do for Aggie Football) so we can make sure we are there with plenty of time for tailgating, especially since our tailgate is sponsored by St. Arnold's Brewery. Yeah, DAT CREW Tailgating is some serious business. 
Dat Crew Tailgating at the Arkansas game. Come rain or shine, we'll be there!

Alright guys, I have to get back to work, but hope you enjoyed the catch up post and I promise to post again before Christmas.

Have a great weekend dolls and GIG'EM AGGIES!


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