Monday, December 3, 2012

Mr. Tubby Tubs and the Green Tin-Can on Wheels

Once upon a time...Life got extremely busy for me!  I apologize for the lack of blogging the past month and a half, but I will be making a conscious effort to blog lots and lots this December.
My job has really become time consuming lately. We had a woman in our department leave very suddenly for a new opportunity and in turn, it has made those of us left to become very thinly stretched. BUT HEY! Lots of people don’t even have good jobs, so I am thankful for even the busiest of days (and the paycheck that follows).
Speaking of being thankful, I have a very serious question for you all. Is it even possible for you to be angry before 6:30 AM? Now of course, there are those extreme cases where, for example, your car got broken into, or something similar, where anyone would be angry. But I am talking about just waking up on your daily routine and being pissed off! Me personally, not possible, I’m hardly awake at that hour, much less able to conjure up any sort of real emotion. This morning, however, that was not the case for the gentleman behind me on my morning drive.
I pulled out of my neighborhood to, what is a very busy street in the mornings ready for the day. Actually, more than ready because for a Monday, I knew this one would be great. (More on that later) As I head towards to toll-way that I take every morning, I noticed that the driver behind me driving a hunter green (ew) Pontiac Grand-AM was awfully close to my bumper.

Now, mind you, the road I am traveling on is very busy on weekday mornings and cars usually don’t go past 45 MPH and the road also lots of lights.  The truck I was traveling behind was a little bit slower driver than normal but again, who gets angry before 6:30 AM? I didn’t care if he was following the car in front of him a little bit more back that I normally would. His chosen driving speed wasn’t going to make me get to my destination any slower because of the lights we have to stop at every few miles anyways.  Clearly though, the grand-am gentleman thought that I was driving way to slow and that following right behind me would be a really good idea. I tapped my breaks a few times to kindly suggest for him to back off my bumper. He did not get the message I guess because he only continued to follow closer and then he decides that he is going to turn his brights on at me! At this point, I’m getting a little irritated because I truly have no idea why this guy is so angry at me! Lucky for me, his piece of crap car didn’t have very bright brights and I also drive and SUV and he was so close I couldn’t see his headlights anyways…idiot. I manage to finally switch into the left lane to get away from him and when he passes me he flicks me off with his fat finger! (Just for visualization purposes he looked like weight about 300 pounds)  Color me shocked. I was truly flabbergasted with his behavior. As he passed me and got behind the slower moving truck, and I moved onward to the freeway, I giggled. His impatience and rudeness was getting him nowhere, and I hope he realized that. Now I don’t know if he was just late and frustrated and decided I was the traffic angel screwing him over, or if he was a bitter longhorn fan that didn’t like my Texas A&M Century Club Member/blinged out aTm, but he seriously needs some Jesus in his life. I will never understand why some people lose their minds when they get behind the wheel. Moral of the story, don’t be that guy on your drive home today.
As for me and the rest of my morning, Mr. Tubby Tubs in the green tin can on wheels did not ruin it for me. Oh no! Tonight some of my wonderful girlfriends and I are having a Girl’s Christmas Movie night and I am hosting it at my home. Every girl is bringing some sort of treat in the form of dessert or wine, and we are going to watch the holiday classic, “The Holiday”. (Which just happens to be my favorite movie of all time) This week is definitely starting off right; Christmas movie, pizza,  girl talk, wine, and sugar. J I hope that everyone is having a better morning that Mr. Tubby Tubs and remember to drive like a sane person today.
Happy Monday Dolls!

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