Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 so Far, and My Own Personal Angel.

Happy 2013 everyone! I hope that this year has been wonderful for you and your family so far.
My year started out (literally New Year's Day) with a trip to the ER. Oh yes, you heard right. Somehow I had managed to get something under my contact that went to town, and literally cut my cornea. Yes, it is as painful as it sounds. Once we found the ER room, (seriously, we got lost and Trevor wheeled me around in a wheel chair for 10 minutes looking for the dang place) it took only about another 10 minutes for me to get into an area for a Doctor to see me. Once seen by the Doctor, he informed us that we were going to do a saline flush. Hmmmm, that didn't sound too bad...hopefully that will clear all this up.

 I was so wrong! It was TERRIBLE! They put this really thick contact like thing in your eye that has a small tube attached to it and literally flush saline into you eye. It felt similar to a small samurai sword being stabbed over and over into my eye. After I started crying and withering in pain in the bed, they decided to turn it down at least to a drip, which was slightly better, but still painful. When Trevor asked how long I would have to endure this torture treatment, they nurse told his they wanted to go through a liter of saline. A LITER?!?! SERIOUSLY?!?! I don’t believe that we made it through the liter before I was nearly bawling. Finally the Doc came in and put some dye in my eye and did a light test which is when he informed me that I had a severe cut on my cornea. At that point, I was given some pain medication, two prescriptions and told that we could head home. The Doc was confident that we got everything out in time and that surgery wouldn’t be necessary. I was told eyes heal very quickly, which was great news because other than getting a shot in my head when I busted it open in 5th grade, this was the most painful experience I had ever had.
The first few days after the accident I probably slept 85% of the day because that was the only time I wasn't in pain. I had to miss the first two days back to work because I couldn’t see, much less operate a vehicle. I ended up attempting to go back to work on Friday and immediately after sitting down at my desk regretted that. Looking at a computer screen was sickening. I managed to make it through the day and get out a bit early before returning home for another nap session. After a relaxing weekend and more time to heal, Monday and Tuesday of this week were much better than last Friday. Now here we are a week and a day later, my eye has healed! It’s still slightly out of focus if I look down quickly but for the most part I am better.
Now, I’m not one to go on a tangent like this because I know some people find it annoying, but I had to say that I am so blessed to have Trevor in my life. He was amazing last week with my eye and was also smart enough to force me to go to the ER, despite my protests. He was an angel, constantly checking on me, making sure I was taking my medicine, even calling my work for me to let my boss know the situation since I was knocked out New Year’s Day. And after all of that mess last week, Monday morning I wake up to find my battery in my car dead. (UGH 2013, why???) Trevor took me to work and also picked me up Monday, even though we work nowhere near each other. Tuesday morning we jumped my car to get it started and Trevor let me take his car, while he took mine to work and also to the dealership during his lunch break to have it fixed. He truly takes care of nearly any problems I have in my life. There are so many days that I can’t believe how lucky I am to have him.
Well dolls, I hope that your week is going wonderful so far. I hope this new year is filled with love, joy, happieness, laughter and spent with those you love. No eye injuries or car issues. ;)

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