Friday, July 29, 2011

Random Friday Fun

Okay guys, BE WARNED. This is an extremely random blog and I have no specific direction.

Let me just say this has been a hell on earth less than pleasing work week for me. Thank the GOOD LORD above for Trevor and my friends that make me forget about the stresses of work. So I gather up my strength this morning and head into work bright and early at 6:15 today...I get to work... and this is the inside temperature of my office...
Like, ARE YOU SERIOUS! I was so cold I couldn't hardly type a full e-mail on my computer without my hands shivering. I could seriously kill my next door office mate for being such a dim witted idiot who has no care for other's comfort. I turned that BIATCH down immediately and opened all the doors so  my boss wouldn't come to work to find his employee had turned into an ice sculpture.

HOWEVER... it is Friday. :) So that means time to let go of bitter feelings about work.

With the weekend coming up and also the month of August, which is always a busy and fun month for me, I have several things I am looking forward to.
1-Jessica & JB's baby gender revelation party on Saturday! What is a baby gender revelation party you ask? Well, they found out on Thursday was the gender of that precious little baby is and they didn't tell anyone (anyone coming to the party at least) except for our friend Marina who is hosting the party. Marina is going to bake cake balls and color the inside of the cake balls either blue or pink and all at once after games and bets have been made we will all bite into them at the same time to reveal if baby Bennett will be a girl or boy. Very exciting stuff. And our group will pretty much run with any excuse to have a party. :)
2-We are going to be floating the river in two weeks. Me and Trev pretty much look at river trips like Christmas in July (or August in this case). It has to be one of the funnest things you can do in the Texas summer.
3-FINALLY getting a queen size bed. I have been sleeping in the same full size bed since junior high and I am beyond ready for a bigger bed. It is going to be tough to part with it though, it's so comfy. Chanel however is not a very sharing bed partner so the queen bed will be a great upgrade for everyone.
4-On August 25, Trevor and I will be celebrating 4 years of dating. I don't want to blog too much about this now because I will more than likely make a whole post about it when the actual date draws near but I am very excited. I feel very blessed to have spent the past 4 years with such an extraordinary guy.
5-ANNNNDDD last but CERTAINLY not least, August 28th an angel was born is my birthday and with it falling on a Sunday this year, we are having the party on Saturday the 27th. I am a big birthday person so I absolutely love celebrating them. I am constantly amazed by my wonderful group of friends that never fail to make the current birthday better than all the rest. WOO!

So I am a huge music person. I can honestly say music gets my mood back up during the 45 minute drive home from work. Seriously. If I didn't have music to rock out to on the way home my road rage would be significantly higher (like Houston needs that) and I would be a real peach to be with after work. Here is some "Yay it's Friday and I am happy" songs. I added a link below the videos because I didn't know if they were showing up or not.
YES! It's totally from the Lizzie McGuire movie and yes I know Blondie sang it first but I seriously loved Lizzie McGuire and I loved the way she sang this song. The video is so cute too. :)
Love this song. Saw her in concert,, love it even more. Barbz!
I think this song is just so cute and I have loved Eli Young Band since 2006. "CRAAAAZZZYYY GIRL, don't you know that I love you" :)
Okay this just seems extremely appropriate. It's Friday and everyone is dying for 5 o'clock (4 o'clock for me). And if you know me, you know that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE  Jimmy Buffett.
Okay, so this video may have came out before I was born, HOWEVER, I believe you can't go wrong with Michael and if this song doesn't make you want to dance then you should see a Doctor.

P.S. to Friday Playlist- If I hear the songs, "If I die young", "S&M", or "Rolling in the deep" anytime in the next 48 hours I will kick a small child.

I hope you all have an AMAZING weekend spent with the ones you love.

Happy Friday Dolls!

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