Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random Thoughts of a Houstonian

Thursday, nice to see you again. I remember in college Thursday was my absolute favorite day of the week. Even though it technically wasn't the weekend yet it always felt like it. My freshman year (even though I had Friday classes) I remember every Thursday I would get picked up by my former BFF,  head to our friend Joel's house for some "pre-gaming", and around 10:30 we would head out to the Aggie-loved Texas Hall of Fame. We always had a pretty great group. I heard recently that they closed the Hall, makes me so sad. Some of my best memories of college are from nights at the Hall.

A shot of the place on your "typical" Thursday night. Man this makes me sad. :(

Anyways, now Thursday typically means a 50 minute commute home (an hour now-a-days with the dang construction), picking up Trevor, working out, cooking dinner, and watching Grey's Anatomy followed by Jersey Shore. Occasionally we will hit up a happy hour, especially the once a month "Aggie Happy Hour". By the way, if you’re an Aggie, you live in Houston and haven't heard of Howdy Club yet, check this out! Howdy Club
Anyways, Thursday means tomorrow is Friday and that my friends, is awesome.
On Wednesday I got called a "Professional Bridesmaid", and that made me laugh for a good 3 minutes. (Thank you Jen) It's a fairly accurate statement. I have been a bridesmaid in two weddings previously and am going to be in 3 in 2012.
(Not quite to this level yet, but getting close :)

One is actually only 24 days away and we have the bachelorette party next weekend. Myself and the other MOH, Marina, have been planning it since September so we are very excited for the big weekend to be so close. After getting asked advice from several girls on how go go about planning bachelorette parties, I plan on doing a couple of posts on "The planning of Bachelorette Parties", because I know when faced to plan one with no experience can be quite the challenge. Stay tuned.

I don't know why I do this to myself but I am NOTRORIUS for saying I can't wait for a relaxing weekend and then fill up an entire month's worth of weekends. Starting in February I am completely busy every single weekend. I mean all plans totally worth it, but come March I am going to go into hibernation. Next weekend is the bachelorette party, as I've already mentioned. The second weekend is a holiday that is after my own's the start of Mardi Gras.
Galveston Mardi Gras

Being a Cajun, Mardi Gras is up there with Christmas, and 4th of July. Every year of my life, I am almost positive that I have always gone to a Mardi Gras Celebration. And this year is no exception. (Even though the past two years, I have had to settle with only participating in the 1st weekend because of, you'll never guess, wedding stuff! "Sigh") I'm counting down the days till I'm down in Galveston listening to that Zydeco music and catching beads (NO FLASHING!!!) with a cold beverage in hand. 15 to go....

The third weekend in February is the ACTUAL wedding that goes with the bachelorette party and the following weekend is Trevor's company appreciation party, which is going to be a lot of fun. Not only is it at the Aquarium Downtown and has all the food/beverages you can handle but two of our best friends, J.C. and Marina will also be there since that is where J.C. works too.

Houston is seriously bi-polar or maybe just a crazy woman. It was in the 70's and sunny all last week then yesterday we get this massive storm that floods places and causes tornadoes, now today it's cold and partly cloudy. #overit

The very vague subject that I keep bringing up in my blog that is causing me stress is actually on an upswing now. Praying so much that is continues to do so, and then I can finally share my January woes in more detail. :)

Enough rambling for now, have a great Thursday dolls.


  1. Yay! One of those weddings is mine :) and I love the bachelorette party advice bit because I am pretty sure you could write a book on itn love you dear!

  2. LOL, I seriously probably could. I should try that. And I cannot wait for your big day! :)