Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Trip Around the Sun-Chapter 24


Hello Dolls!
August is my favorite month, tied only with December. If you know me or have read any of my posts the past 2 years, you would know that August is not only my birthday but also the month that 6 years ago I began dating my now fianc√©. Yes, I know with our upcoming wedding on February 15th, after this year, August 25th will no longer be an “anniversary”. But for me, it will always be a date I hold in my heart. In my opinion, dating for 6 years is plenty of reason to celebrate. Heck, some marriages don’t even last that long. SAD, but TRUE!

Now even though my birthday (quarter of a century! YIKES!) is today, we celebrated my birthday this past weekend at Top Golf in Houston. Typically we celebrate the weekend after, however unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that this week is the start of college football. A&M kicks off our 2013 season on Saturday versus Rice. With all the Johnny BS I am ready for a good game! Anyways, I had about me and 18 friends at Top Golf Houston this weekend and had a great time. If you haven’t ever visited top golf I highly recommend it. It always makes you feel really special to have a large group come together to celebrate your life. I feel so blessed to call each and every one of them friends.

I enjoy reflecting back on the past year on every birthday. It’s like your own “New Year” holiday. 24 had some hard times but it also had some of the best moments of my life! So here is a look back at my trip around the sun-chapter 24. Enjoy.

Last year around this same time I was once again blessed to have a group of people come together to celebrate. I’m not one of those people that think the older you get you don’t deserve a party.  Heck in my book, you just have more money to throw better parties! I had a wonderful time last year two-steppin’ and boogying down at Rebel’s with lovely friends.

October was a crazy busy month for me in 2012! I think Trevor and I were out of town nearly never weekend for Aggie Football and also wedding festivities from my friend Heather. It was a whirlwind of a month but I wouldn't change a thing.

Last Year the Aggies made their debut in the SEC. To say people doubted our ability to be successful would be the understatement of the year. But on November 10, 2012 we showed the Crimson Tide, the SEC and the rest of College football what we were made of. I don’t think I have ever had such a high heart rate during a football game. And yes, I cried when we won. #diehardfan

December is tied with August on best month of the year in my book. This past December was no exception. Being home with family for longer than 2 days is always a blessing. We’ve been doing the same thing every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for the past 25 years, and I absolutely love it.

To round out 2012, Trevor and I hosted our first party at our new home for New Year’s Eve. We had a lot of laughs and a lof of fun. It was a wonderful night. The only tiny damper was the corneal laceration I managed to get at the end of the night. #worstpainever

Let’s talk about weddings. It is definitely that time in my life where everyone around me is getting married. I find it wonderful that everyone is finding their match. I wish every one of these couples a lifetime of happiness and hope for them they feel the same love they felt on their wedding day, every day of their lives together.

So May has to be like the #bestmonthever of Chapter 24. My best friend, Housewife, and soul sistergot engaged to the man of her dreams. Just so happens, I did the same. I am so excited to become his wife, it’s almost unbearable. You can read all about that joyful day here. It was been such a fun experience planning our weddings together. It’s like Bride Wars…without the war.

My girls move fast. What do I mean by that? Well, I got engaged in May, had a full on “Stock the Bar” Engagement Party in June. #blessedbeyondmeasure I also move fast, and Trevor and I were taking engagement pictures in July! No time like the present.

I can’t go without sharing (even though it was in August of this year) that I was lucky enough to have David Tuttera do a show in Houston. I was even more lucky when I got to meet him. #CanYouBeMyGayBestFriend? In all seriousness this guy is a genius, and quite hilarious too.

I always like to share the same excerpt from my first birthday blog every year. It reigns true every year.

“As a huge Jimmy Buffet stalker fan I live my life inspired by many of his songs. This one in particular I always end up listening to a lot when August rolls around each year. I think it's a great message and an awesome song. If you have never heard this song, I encourage you to take a few minutes and listen to it. It's called "Trip Around the Sun"-By Jimmy Buffett featuring Martina McBride. There is a particular line that says "Only time will tell if it was time well spent" and that is kind of how I want to live my life, no regrets, not worrying about everything, because eventually time will tell you if your decision was good or not. You can't predict the future so you might as well enjoy the ride."

The past year has been a whirlwind of different experiences. I learned a lot, struggled though some crap, grew in my faith, moved up in my career, found a new (and bonus HEALTHY) obsession- Les Mills Body Pump, GOT ENGAGED, and made some new friends. All in all it was a good year, but I am so excited for what the next year will bring! 

Cheers to my last birthday as a “MISS”.

 Now to get through this workday and start my new “trip around the sun” off with good food and company tonight! 

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