Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Home Decor and Dream Closets


I know, I know, MIA...WTF....OMG, sorry guys I live a busy life!

I hope that everyone had a great week last week and that this week is going good.

Since last week I have discovered the time sucking, "Where the F did my last 2 hours go???" website that is Pintrest.com. Okay seriously greatest website ever??? (besides facebook duh!) Yeah I think so!

So with my new obsession and my shoebox size of an apartment, I have picked up the wonderful habit of home decor planning. I am in "The Shyer" (As some people call my apartment complex) until next July but after that it's time for something WAY BETTER (or at least a teenie bit nicer :) So below are some "inspirational ideas" that I hope to use to decorate a new place in....(stopping and counting) 10 months! That leaves me plenty of time for planning. :)

p.s.-If you know me well enough where we have the same friends and you steal my ideas, I will kick you. Seriously, I am an only child and am still working on the whole "sharing" complex at 23. Stop judging...

Okay, so this is my ideal grown-up/unisex bedroom. I never thought I was one for Navy but I fell in love with this. I also love the cushioned head board. I would however do different art above the bed. (See Below)

Okay so forget about the Little House on the Prairie bed, and focus on the "You&Me". I love it and would do something like this the previous picture. The only thing I would change is the color. I'm thinking to a very bright white.
I would definitely have this sitting on a dresser or hanging on a wall in the bedroom. So pretty and easy to create.

I am in love with this entry way. The black, white, and grey is so classic and you can even splash some color in the mix if you would like. Of course the "W" has to go. And instead of a book on the right I would try to find a crafty looking black or grey box to set keys/wallets/change in.

So, I'm not sure how Trev would feel about this but I love it! The pink stripes and black&white photos just give it this laundry room really cute feel. It even looks clean. HA!

Okay so some things I would change, the black and white pillow/rug I would not have, I would replace them with a solid color most likely black. I do love the Tiffany blue and the beach feel. I would most definitely replace the lamp & end table that doesn't match at all and add more beach/nautical accents. I'm kind of in love with beach cabin/nautical decor.

Hey you! Yeah you, the B!atch that told people I wan an alcoholic, I bet you wish your staircase was as cool as this!

Seriously though, how bad ace is this?!?! (homeportfolio.com)

I love the wooden frames and the beach feel to it all. So pretty. http://kristendukephotography.com/?p=5767
Okay so more than likely this will NOT be in my next home. Let's be honest. However, a girl can dream right? This closet is incredible and I love how it's all black. I need something this big to fit all my stuff, serious. I have 3 closets in my apartment and they are all filled so much that not even a midget could hide in them. Dream Closet

 So that's the big inspirations for now. I hope you all enjoyed them. :)

With Trev at flag football tonight, I am now going to focus my attention on "Something Borrowed" (Definitely one of my new favorite movies) and this glass of wine.

Goodnight Dolls!

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