Monday, September 26, 2011

The Tasting Room, Old Friends and Letting Go.

Hey dolls! I hope that your Monday has been moving by quickly. Mondays suck, point blank. Who really wants to crawl out of bed the day after a long and extremely fun weekend at 5:30 AM before even the birds are up? NOT THIS GIRL! Sadly though, that paycheck won't appear in my bank account if I don't.

So here we are again, Monday, so NOT nice to see you.

I had an extremely fabulous weekend. Except for the whole okstate beating us thing, it was really a lot of fun. Friday night we went to what is becoming a usual spot for us, The Tasting Room at Memorial City, with J.C., Marina, Coco, and Heather. Now if you haven't ever been to the Tasting Room, it's a wine bar but it also has very good food. We have also, because of our stellar attendance there on Friday nights, became friends with the singer/songwriter guy that comes out and plays on the weekends. We are so familiar he came up to us on Friday handed up his song list and we picked nearly all of the first set. Pretty sweet. Check out their website for more information.The Tasting Room  .  A delicious pizza and two bottles of wine later, we retreated back to my apartment to get ready for Saturday's game against okstate.

After fighting the traffic and making it to Aggieland we had a solid hour of tailgating before heading to the game. I am not discussing anything else about the game as to not arouse emotions from Saturday. It's time to focus on Arkansas now. Thanks and Gig'em.

After the game we WERE supposed to be going home, however, my boyfriend is easily swayed at times and since a lot of good friends were staying in town we ended up making the choice to stay as well after getting a last minute offer on a place to crash for the night. (Thanks again Kristin).

The rest of the evening we got to spend some quality time with friends we don't typically get the chance to do that with. Anonymous best guy friend, Marcus, Kristin, Kori and another old friend that I really haven't spent any time with in years were all out with us, along with some new friends. We made our way up and down Northgate and had an absolute blast being back there.

The friend that I haven't hung out with in years, at one point, was a very close friend of mine. I would be lying if I said that I didn't completely enjoy getting to hang out once again. This particular old friend and I have quite the collection of good times. It was fun re-living them and rehashing old inside jokes, Lord knows we had a lot of them. I'm sure you’re wondering, if you were such good friends then why haven't you talked in years? Now I could try and answer that question but it wouldn't do anyone any good. As difficult as it is sometimes, bad things happen to good relationships, and sometimes there is a solid reason and sometimes its many different things. Never the less it usually ends up with one person (or surprisingly both) harboring resentment, anger, and/or bad feelings towards the other wondering why things happened the way they did. It seems like you'll never get over it. You wonder how a friend so close could just forget about all the things you went through together and all the good times you had. So you just push it out of your mind and only allow yourself to think about it when you have a weak moment. Then sometimes, when you least expect it, something good happens and those horrible feelings fall away. Sometimes you realize that person hasn't forgotten at all, and that makes it all better; the light bulb comes on, and the exact thing happens that you need to let it all go. Even though you know there is a very good chance this is only temporary and outside forces will never allow things to be like times again, you smile and enjoy that moment in time. Moments like that are necessary for one's piece of mind. Resentment can eat you away if your not careful.

Overall-great weekend, which led to an extremely lazy Sunday. After picking up daughter (Chanel) we spent the rest of the day watching football and doing laundry. And now here we are, Monday, the start of another countdown till the weekend's festivities.

Happy Monday Dolls!


  1. I am anxious to hear more of this fun weekend! I wish we would've known yall were staying in CS - we thought we were going to be the only lame ones staying if we went. Darn! And I want to try the Tasting Room too!

  2. Yeah it was like a last minute decision at 9 P.M. on Saturday after the game. The Tasting Room is awesome.