Thursday, September 15, 2011

Innocent Couch Cushions and Stressful Happenings

It's been one hell of a week. And I am so ready for the weekend. I need to escape off to Aggieland, see my best friend, yell my head off, and drink lots of beer diet cokes. 

My daughter/dog/destroyer of happiness this week has decided that she did not like the under part of my couch cushions.  After she turned one on June 29, I thought we were done with her random-pissy behavior. She has had a near perfect track record since May, until this week...

Now before I get the whole, "that's what happen when you leave your dogged locked up all day speech" 1-I love my dog and she is more spoiled that most toddlers.
2-She has free reign of the entire apartment
3-I wake up early (early as in 5 AM early) to take her on a walk. When I get home we run, or she goes to the dog park.
4-We play "ball" 90% of the time I am awake and home with her.
5-She has never done this.

Okay now that I covered all that, let me tell you what I came home to Monday after work (after the 45 minute drive through traffic that keeps me from not getting home till 5 even though I work 7-4)...I walk in excited to see my -wonderful ball of fluffy joy who normally turns my grey sky blue- and I see my couch cushion on the floor, flipped over and the very thin lining has been ripped off, by what looks like, sharp tiny teeth. Also the stuffing that is in the back part of the cushion has now made my living room look like a winter wonderland. Super. After the initial "Look, I am so cute and sorry and I will prove it by running up to you and falling over onto my back" tactic she makes a break for the bedroom once she realizes the boiling rage that is about to overflow. I manage to drag her out from under the bed (she barely fits so it wasn't a difficult task) and do the standard, "DO YOU SEE THIS? NO!" lecture followed by the dreaded water&vinegar mix. You would think it's molting lava the way she runs, I don't blame her though vinegar is pretty gross alone.  After my freak out and the "I WILL send your ass to the pound" it seems that she now realizes the severity of the situation and that this was just a bad lapse of judgement on her part. After a couple of hours of the silent treatment from me, all is well again and we have a pleasant evening.

Fast Forward to Tuesday...another LONG day at work...another long drive home.....and so incredibly ready to be home.......what to I walk into you ask? Something equivalent to the Santa Claus display at your local department story on December 1st. Today it's worse. Both cushions are off but she has turned her wrath to the same one as yesterday. I am furious. The smart little woman hid before I even walked in the door. She hid so well that I actually thought that Trevor had gotten off work early and came and picked her up. The only reason I found her is because I heard the very light sound of a 8 inch puppy leg rubbing up against the carpet. She had tucked herself behind the front door and up against the couch. She new her fuzzy butt was going to be in trouble! So after the (but honestly much worse) lecture, vinegar spray, "I AM SENDING YOU TO THE POUND" repeat from Monday. I put her in her kennel, pulled myself together (dramatic crying much?), and went to brainstorming. The dog clearly doesn't like the underside of the cushions, which the material is about at thick and a paper towel, true story. She never once chewed on the actual top cushion or the big pillows, just the paper towel like part. Clearly I need something thicker at the bottom part. After talking with Trevor and making plans to go cushion cover shopping on Sunday I came up with the slightly ghetto/temporary choice to cover my couch in a maroon sheet for the remainder of the week. AND to "lightly" spray the water&vinegar mix onto the bottom of the cushions. And just for precaution put her kennel on top of the couch. No I do not live in a trailer but desperate times call for desperate measures. I could not deal with another couch cushion murder scene a third day in a row.

In is with great pleasure to inform you all that I came home yesterday to the same apartment I left. THANK JESUS! However, the little woman did attempt to teach that cushion a lesson. The kennel had fallen over and the cushion was slightly exposed but it seams she didn't find the taste of vinegar very tasty when she went to sink her little teach into the innocent cushion. It seems we have finally made a break through. 

Chanel even got an extra 2 hours of playing time last night since Mommy had to deal with unnecessary, preventable stupid stuff and didn't go to sleep until after mid-night. So here's hoping, to coming home to an apartment that looks the same as I left it.

I am leaving you with something that I saw on It just really made me think with all the stressful happenings (No I am not just talking about my misbehaving pooch) that a positive attitude, keeping the faith when it's not easy, and believing in good things when all you can recall are bad things can make life a little more tolerable.

Happy Thursday Dolls.

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