Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3: 30 Days of Thanks

Continuing on with my 30 Days of Thanks...

Day 3-My Health
If you know me, you know that I have a completely random skin disorder called Capillaritis or "Pigmented Purpura". Basically I have these really random spots on my left leg only that like to change colors, get bigger/smaller, and do nothing really but annoy me. They don't hurt, they don't itch, and if you were to touch my leg without looking you wouldn't feel them. To Learn more click here. 
a few of the spots on the side of my lower leg
So basically, if you read that link you see that they are asymptomatic, cause no harm, and to my delight, no known cure or cause. Super. Every time I go to the gym I get mad. I am sure that is because of the mirror covered walls that surround me because no matter where I walk, my eyes seem to be drawn down to my left leg where the C/PP has decided to create it's city. No, it is not anywhere else on my body, just the left leg. I get frustrated because no matter how many bottles of vitamins the dermatologists recommends, it doesn't make it go away. They change colors and shapes but I think there just having fun parading around their new home. I feel it's incredibly noticeable every time I wear anything that shows my leg...thank goodness winter is around the corner. Ugh.

So here I am going on about this skin condition that I am clearly so fond of and I am sure you are wondering where the whole "thankful for my health" thing is coming into play...Well here's the low down on that. I was doing my usually lunch time stalking skimming on facebook and I noticed someone who I knew threw a student organization several years ago. This person has, since I last saw them, found out they had a brain tumor and is now battling cancer. Wow. Snaps my ass back to reality real quick. This person is in their early 20's. While most early 20 something year olds are worrying about when they're going to use their work vacation, this person is battling for their life. Finding this out quickly brought me back to 5th grade when my own mom found out she had a brain tumor. We were all pretty terrified, but through the grace of GOD, it was removed and she is currently living a very healthy and happy life. When I was in high school, my parents had CT scans done of me to check for any brain tumors (since they said my mom had probably had it since she was 16)...Nothing. Healthy as a horse. *Blessed*

Through my life I have had 2 health issues, the Capillaritis/Pigmented Purpura and a minor lumpectomy(non cancerous). That's it. I would have to say I am blessed beyond measure. When I see cases like the facebook friend or my mom it really brings me back down to Earth. If pigminted purpura is the only health issue I deal with my whole life I will be totally okay with that. There are people out their fighting for their life and sometimes I think those of us dealing with life's everyday stress forget how incredibly lucky we are to be in good health.

So today, on the third day of November, I thank GOD for my health, for letting pigminta purpura being the biggest health issue concern I have. I thank God for helping my mom get through brain surgery and that she can be here living a wonderful and healthly life. I ask that GOD please watch over all those fighting horrible health issues & diseases and give them the strength to continue on and to beat it.


  1. Very good write-up! :)

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    1. Hi Danni,
      I visited your blog when I was searching for information about capillaritis. I have had this rash myself for over 4 years now. I have capillaritis on my lower leg’s too. Mostly on my left leg and e few patches on my right leg. I'm still hoping to find someone who has learned to deal with it or whose symptoms have disappeared. I hope you read this and maybe we can email.