Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weekend Thanks; Days 4-6

I am little behind of my 30 days of thanks, so it's time to play catch up! 

Day 4-Vacation Days from work & girlfriends
Last Friday, I was thankful for days off or vacation days from work. I feel like my life/schedule has been so crazy/busy since August, almost too busy really. Since I only too one big vacation this year (a 7-day cruise back in June) I had a week left over that I have spread out over every other Friday since October began. These Fridays off have seriously been life-savors, especially this past Friday.

Also last Friday, I was very thankful for my girlfriends, two in particular; Marina and Katie. I got a bribery e-mail from Marina early Friday saying that she would guarantee free hotel, mimosas, and bloody Mary’s if we would accompany her to a work event Saturday morning. So Friday evening around 7, we loaded up into Marina's car and headed to Austin. After several sketchy gas station stops and some lengthy jam sessions, we made it to Austin. We checked into our hotel and spent the rest of the evening on 6th street. It seriously felt like those random college road trips that we had back at A&M. Another cool part of the story is that in the midst of the T.U. vs. tech game weekend in Austin, we managed to meet two Aggie girls and hang with them rest of the night. After some A&M talk we found out one of the girls had actually been a freshman in Trevor's fish camp, Camp Pracht, SMALL FREAKIN WORLD! And even though we were all running on fumes the next day and we walked like 4 miles trying to get back to the hotel (don't ask) it was one of the most fun nights of 2011. Friday November 4th I am so incredibly thankful that GOD has blessed me with a job that allows me to recharge and rest. I also thank GOD for incredible girlfriends that make life fun, spontaneous, and beautiful.

Myself, Katie and Marina on 6th Street.
Us and our new Aggie friends, Rachel and Elisha at Moose Freckles Knuckles. ;)
Day 5-Music
Saturday afternoon, after our morning at Marina's work function, we rushed back to Houston because we had a concert to get to, TAYLOR SWIFT! Marina, Heather, Ashley and I bought these tickets all the way back in February and the idea of finally getting to use them was almost too much excitement to handle! So around roles 7, 8, 8:30, after the less than stellar openers finished, the beautiful and incredibly talented Taylor Swift came on stage and performed one amazing show. I have never seen an artist thank her fans more than she did and the best part about that was you could tell she actually meant it. Her show ties with the Britney Spears/Nicki Minaj concert for favorite concert ever. Saturday, November 11th I am thankful for music; Music that can up lift us, that can grab tight of our soul and make us feel something inside, that makes us dance, or helps us through a difficult time. I am thankful that GOD has blessed the music entertainers with this gift so they may share it with the rest of the world.

Taylor Swift Concert @ Minute Maid Park. Check back for more pictures tonight!

Day 6-My bed & Sleep
I have always thought of myself as a person that doesn't need a ton of sleep to function. I also would like to think of myself as a morning person, but on this particular Sunday, there isn't much I wouldn't have done to stay in bed when that work alarm clock went off at 7:45 AM. Since Friday morning I had acquired about 8 hours of sleep total for the weekend (including that "extra" hour), so you can guess I was less than "energized" for work. As I struggled to maintain the "I love football!" persona that day, I realized this may be my body's way of telling me to slow the hell down. Driving home from work that day I felt the way I use to feel after back to back all-nighters in college. As soon as I walked in the door I changed clothes, crawled into bed and was asleep in a total of 5 minutes. Then and for the next 24 hours, I realized how much I really do love sleep and that my bed is the most perfect bed you could ever lay on.
Sunday, November 6th I thank the good LORD above for blessing me with a home and a bed. A wonderful bed where I can rest, sleep, dream and pray.

Stay tuned for Days 7-9.

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