Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 Days of Thanks

Hello friends!

Glad to see we have all made it halfway through the week!

I have been seeing on facebook this trend of people that are updating their status every day of November with something that they are thankful for. I think it's a great idea, kudos to whoever originally thought of it. I have decided instead to take my "30 Days of Thank"s to True Blonde Ambition instead of facebook. So without further adue I give you (in no particular order) my "30 Days of Thanks".Since I missed a day yesterday (which will happen from time to time) I will give 2 things today.

Day 1- Chanel
As we drove to our very good friends, Heather and Henry's house that Sunday in August last year I knew I was going to be picking out a new puppy, but little did I know just how in love I would fall with her. This half full/half mini Australian Shepherd stole my heart the first time I held her in my lap.
She opened her little eyes and looked at me, and that was it. Over the past year and 5 months she has brought me more joy (and let's face it, a good amount of stress too) that I could not have possibly imagined. Even though we have had our moments with those puppy frustrations, and of course her diva like attitude, all of that is nothing compared to the complete happiness I experience when I come home every day to that black and white ball of fluff. Chanel has the biggest personality of any dog I have ever met. She is incredibly hard headed, extremely smart, and I am quite positive she has Trevor and I more trained that we have her. The unconditional love that I feel from her every night when she cuddles up next me is impossible to explain in words. So today I thank God for sending me this little Angel that turns my dark skies blue and melts my heart with every wet nosed, puppy kiss.

Day 2-Veterinarians
Confused yet? Allow me to explain. Yesterday morning at around 4 AM (yes, AM) Chanel began to get sick. After about an hour (and 30 minutes of clean up), she was running around wanting me to play "ball" with her, so I relaxed and went into work. When I made it home yesterday, judging by what was on my floor, she had gotten sick several times that day while I was gone, but again appeared to be acting fine. Now, as from my post above, you can see how much that dog means to me, so I immediately begin to panic/think the worse. I grab her, jump in the Camry, and run to Chanel's regular vet only to find out from the overly chipper receptionist that Doctor ---- is not in but I could bring her back in the morning. *steam pours out of ears* "I don't have TIME to wait for the morning lady! And by the way, this is the last time you will see me here, since this is the THIRD time Dr.--- is not here when my dog needs her VET!!!". I then speed over to another vet office Chanel's new vet office where we only waited a few minutes. (If you are looking for a reliable, friendly, fair in price veterinarian office inside the loop in Houston, look no further, Heights Vet Clinic.) The vet (who just happened to be an Aggie, WHOOP!) gave Chanel an examination and let me know she had no serious issues besides her little stomach bug. The vet informed that she would be fine and gave Chanel a shot along with some medicine. So today, I am so incredibly thankful for those people that spend their time (and all that money for Vet school) taking care of the patients that can't tell you whats wrong, the patients that sometimes bite, and the patients that make their families complete. I thank God for creating these wonderful people who love animals so much they want to spend their lives helping them live a healthy and happy life.


  1. Speaking of awesome vets - I came home and Tux's paws are swollen & red between the pads, the pads are swollen twice the normal size. 8 pm I call to leave a detailed message for a vet appointment tomorrow, clearly stating the problem & it is not an emergency, 10 min later the vet himself calls me and tells me I can bring him in at 9, or if i have to go to work I can drop Tux off in the morning & pick him up once I get off. I am thankful for GOOD vets too!

  2. Awww Poor Tux! Keep me posted on how he is doing! and what a great vet! They really are wonderful people.