Friday, March 30, 2012

Freaky Friday

Nothing like starting a Friday morning off by finding out your apartment complex has been hit TWICE for armed carjacking!

So I wake up this morning, 30 minutes earlier than usual because my plan was to pack my car up for the bachelorette party girl's weekend that is happening in Galveston so as to avoid having to come home after work. So I'm up, take the dogs out, (take Shep out twice) pull my car around, and begin to finish getting ready. Right when I am about to bring my last bit of stuff down to the car, I hear a knock on my door...of course Chanel goes absolutely ballistic as I hurry to throw on a shirt. When I get to the door I see it's my neighbor and I step outside to talk to her. (This is where it gets REAL). The first words out of her mouth are "Ummm did you hear about the carjacking that happened here????" My response, "UMMMMM NO!" She then proceeds to tell me how as she is getting ready for work this morning she heard our apartment complex on the news about a young women being held at gunpoint, forced to get out of her car and was robbed. HERE is the link to the news story. On top of the EXTREMELY RECENT event, about a month ago what I thought was just a guy getting harassed by our cop one morning was actually ANOTHER attempted carjacker.

Let's rewind to January. I'm walking Chanel outside before I leave for work, and I see this lanky white kid pleading to the cop to just "Let me go Man, please". I assume that the guy just got caught parking where he shouldn't or something and go on about my way...well I was definitely wrong! My neighbor proceeded to tell me this morning how that same man I saw had actually been arrested for carjacking. She saw his pull in the complex and drive through several times. He then went and parked at the reserved spots across from out specific unit. After sitting parked for a while, a BMW drives through and into the garage. Everyone at the complex knows that our on-site cop drives a BMW...guess this guy didn't. He proceeds to get out of his car, leave his door open and make his way creepily towards the BMW where he pulls a gun out and points it at the cop as he is getting out of his car. As you can imagine, the cop pulled his gun out at lighting speed and told the guy to get on the ground, handcuffed him, and then proceeded to walk him back to his truck where he called for back-up. I only saw a guy next to a truck...had no idea what had just happened. The man had a warrant out for his arrest also...super.

My apartment complex didn't inform us about EITHER of these incidents. The only reason I found out about the first one is because of my neighbor and the second one because it was on the NEWS! As you can imagine I'm a little wound up this morning and for the first time EVER in my life, I truly want a gun. I have never had the desire to own one but after feeling the way I felt this feelings have taken a complete 180. I know I live in Houston and yes in a city of 4 million there is bound to be crime, but it still doesn't make it any less scary knowing all this when a deadly crime happens in your front yard.

Thank goodness I will be gone all weekend. I need to get the hell outta dodge for a while...

ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings people!

Have a safe weekend dolls.


  1. That is terribly scary!!! Have you complained to your apartment manager about the security of your apartments? Not to mention the lack of their ability to keep ya'll informed?! That is grounds for breaking a lease "Not feeling safe" - I mean that should be their primary responsibility, yall have gate for goodness sake! So how is this guy getting in and access to the residents? I am soooo sorry this has happened. You need to get a concealed handgun license! Henry wants me to get one too since I had the gun pulled on me driving months ago. ha
    Love you hun!

  2. I know! I was seriously shaking when I went back in to my apartment after talking to her. Just knowing how easily that it could have be me or my other friend that lives there. I just found all this out this morning so I haven't had a chance to talk to them yet. I plan on giving them an earful when I get back in town Sunday! I'm pretty sure the first guy probably came in when someone was leaving, becuase it actually is really hard to get into the actual gates. You guys know that, I always have to come let y'all in. But still they should have let us know that these things had happend so that we could all be on high alert. I want a taser and a gun! lol! Love you too, glad we are all safe with all the crazies in this world.