Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ten on Tuesday #1

10 on Tuesday
Today I am linking up with Chelsea at Roots & Rings for Ten on Tuesday!

1. What are your designated chores in your home?
Well since I live in my own apartment, I am responsible for it all. :) It's a good thing my apartment is the size of a shoebox.

2. What is your least favorite chore to do around the house?
Cleaning the bathroom. UGH, gross. But it's even more gross to go into a bathroom you can tell hasn't been cleaned in a while.

3. What was your designated chore growing up?
One of the downsides of being an only child in my case was my parents made me help with all the chores. I'd like to think of myself as a live in housekeeper. I did all the inside stuff with my mom and then Dad would haul my butt outside to clean the pool and pick up pine cones out of the front yard.

4. Did you get paid to do chores or was your allowance connected to you completing your chores?
HAHA, get paid. That's funny. No..it was more like do the chores if you want to have a social life.

5. If you had a bit of extra money, would you hire a cleaning person or would you save the money for something else?

6. What chores will you make your kids do around the house?
Well, since Chanel is the closest thing I have to a kid and she is a dog....not a thing.

7. How frequently do you do laundry? Wash your sheets? Dust?
Laundry "sigh"...
I use to be a pro at laundry, never allowing it to get backed up at all. I could never realize how people let laundry pile up and get out of control...until I got a full-time job. Now I probably do laundry every 2 weeks...sometimes 3 depending on how busy I am, or if I really want to wear that particular clothing item that is dirty. Sheets...probably not as often as I should....Dust, in my apartment, there isn't a lot too dust besides the TV.

8. Do you have a designated “chore day” during the week?

9. What is your favorite chore–if such a thing exists?
I like grocery shopping...if you count that as a chore. I also really like vacuuming because I love how clean the floor looks when your done.

10. Do you do anything to help pass the time while doing chores (music, TV, etc.)?
I usually watch TV to keep me entertained.

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  1. I remember the chores... every night starting at age five I had to set the table (and really that just meant put the forks and knives and napkins out because I couldn't reach the glasses or plates). I was also responsible for taking my dish to the sink after eating and rinsing it off. And if I left the table before ASKING permission to be excused my barbies would be taken away (which is the equivalent of not letting a 16 year old have a cell phone).