Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Wedding, #DietCokeproblems, and Workout Class Adventures

Happy almost Friday dolls!
I hope that everyone has had a great week this week! And if not, well folks it's nearly Friday so the weekend is in very clear sight.
Two weekends back (I know I have been slacking on my blogging) was the big wedding of the Coco's. Yes that really is their last name, their favors were actually hot coco; Cute right? Anyways, the weekend went very well. The bride looked beautiful (nearly flawless actually). At every wedding that I have been a part of, the bride has always looked the most beautiful I have ever seen her, always. It's was the same situation for Amy, Marina, Ashley, and now Heather, there is just this glow of that day. The glow, paired with the perfect dress, make-up and hair topped off with the pure joy that you are about to marry the one the completes your soul equals a stunning bride. I wish the Coco's a lifetime of happiness and love.
 Maid of Honor, Bride (looking perfect), and Matron of Honor
 The dress fit her like a glove.
 First Dance-Keeper of the Stars
 Beautiful centerpieces
 My hott date. ;)
 Love a man in a tux.
 This group knows how to party!
 Bride and Groom Table
 I was so ready to catch that bouquet! (Sadly, I did not)
BUUUTTT The bride to give me her original bouquet. At the very end of the reception she found me and said some very kind and special things to me and gave me the bouquet. I'm not going to divulge the story because I feel like things like that are meant to be kept private but thank you H, for all that you said.
I've started this new water accountability thing with a co-worker of mine. Basically I have an addiction to Diet Coke. And no I am not over exaggerating. I LOVE diet coke, but I drink way too much of it. Why don't I just drink more water instead? Well, because I hate water. I hate drinking it unless I am at the gym, and even then I don't drink much of it. So my new thing is I now am allowed my morning Diet Coke (since I do not drink coffee) and then after that, I have to drink four 16 ounce glasses before I can have another one, and so on. It's going to be tough but I am really trying to drink more water. I'll keep you posted...
Along with drinking more water I have decided to take advantage of my gym's workout classes they offer. So far I have indulged in Bollywood Shake, Taserobics, Strictly Core and Stepping. Bollywood Shake has been my favorite so far, it's a combination of tradition Indian moves, belly dancing, Latin dance, and a little bit of hip hop. They turn out the lights and turn on the disco ball and it feels like a party. Taserobics was fun but tough, and I am still sore from it. Taserobics is a traditional high-low impact Aerobics class combined with strength movements that is designed to reshape and tone your gluts, abs, and legs. The strictly CORE class is exactly what it sounds like, all abs. It hurts to sit up...GREAT SUCESS! Stepping was by FAR the most challenging to me. You all have heard of steppin class I am sure. The step bench raised less than a foot off the ground, you step step down, easy enough right? WRONG! I'd like to think I have rhythm but clearly after taking this class, I suck at following directions. I was stepping in all the wrong places for the first 30 minutes but you bet you’re a$$ I was sweating like I was sunbathing in Arizona (drenched I tell you).  I bet I would have been entertaining to watch. Overall though I would recommend any of the classes above, they were all really great workouts they targeted different things. Plus the classes make an hour long workout go by so much faster than lifting/traditional cardio. Tonight is Bollywood Shake again and I'm kind of excited. :)
Last, but certainly not least, my Cajun blood has be craving crawfish almost as bad as I crave diet coke. (I'm looking at you Trevor Davis)
Happy Thursday Dolls!

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