Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Favorites

Hello dolls! It's finally Friday! And this Friday I am linking up with Carlie at The Duplechin Daily for Friday Favorites. :)

What I am loving:

-GloGirl Airbrush Tanning. I love being tan but of course would like to avoid the skin cancer. Stacey at GloGirl does such a good job and if you have two other people with you, it's only 25$! My co-worker Pam and her daughter wanted to go so today after work I get to be tan again. :) If you live in the Houston area check her out on facebook!

-"LA Candy" By Lauren Conrad.

I was a Laguna Beach fan back in the day so I obviously adore L.C. This is my first book since I finished "The Hunger Games" trilogy/had a small breakdown and I am really liking it so far.

-Speaking of "The Hunger Games", the first movie is coming out in 22 days! Can we say excited!?! And I have managed to get Trevor hooked on the first book so he will be done before the movie comes out. :)

-Jimmy Buffet Station on Pandora. It's so relaxing. My only complaint is that it makes me want to be on a beach.

-Getting to see my Housewife this weekend. :)

-My new Job. I really love what I am doing and love the people I work with even more. Plus that pay increase wasn't to shabby, and because of it, I have plans to buy my first Louis Vuitton. :) In 2 months you will be mine. (One of you, at least)
Which one do you like more?

-Target's "Color Changes Everything" Commercial.
 I don't know what my obsession is with this commercial but every time I hear it I just want to dance around like a crazy French person. It's just so happy! Thoughts?

-Spending the evening with the best guy I know. :)

Have a great weekend dolls!

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  1. YAY for linking up!!
    P.S. - I like the LV purse on the left :)