Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hi, My Name is Danni and I like to rescue dogs.

Yesterday as I was doing my afternoon stalking browsing on Facebook I noticed that a girl from back home had posted several photos of what looked like and Australian Shepherd puppy. If you know me, you know that my very own daughter/fur baby is an Aussie so I was immediately intrigued. After browsing all the pictures I found out that he had been hanging around a neighborhood in Bridge City for the past few days and that no one had been looking for him/claimed him. The worst part is that a terrible storm has been moving through Texas this week and the poor thing was stuck outside in the frightening weather all night under a car. :’( Doesn’t that just break your heat, because it sure breaks mine. The FB friend said that she had called all the shelters in the area and that they were all COMPLETELY full because of the bad weather and that the only place that would take him would be the pound and there they would only keep him for 48 hours before he would be……. :’(. To top everything her husband didn’t want her keeping the dog past yesterday evening.
After learning all this information Trevor and I, animal lovers at their best, knew exactly what was going to happen. We would get the dog, give it a good night’s rest and some love, then go from there. I can’t BARE the thought of a perfectly healthy, happy puppy having his life cut short because his original owners couldn’t take care of him. I seriously hope the original owners break both their legs, dead serious. There is a VERY special place in hell for people that abuse and don’t take care of animals/children.
 Before the drive yesterday.
On the way home.
So yesterday evening around 8 we finally made it back to Houston. Poor guy was so exhausted he slept the ENTIRE way to Houston. After getting terrorized by meeting Chanel and walking around outside for a while, we put down a big old comforter down near the couches.  He curled up on it and went right back to sleep.
 When we first got home yesterday
Not a very good shot, but I was trying to get a picture of his pretty white chest.
Him on his comforter. Rags to Riches.

FLook at that face, he's such a cutie.
Eyes full of love.

He woke off only briefly yesterday evening to eat a few bites and have some water before he was conked out again. We did move him later in the evening to let him lay on his blanket on the couch which is where he fell asleep like this:

His face is leaning up against the back of the couch and his eyes were just fluttering. He was also making all kinds of crazy noises. We think he was dreaming. :)
He really is the sweetest little guy and he has beautiful colors on him. Trevor and I of course were torn because on one side we really want to keep him. On the other hand, we both live in small apartments (Trevor can’t have dogs in his) and we also have another very bossy Australian Shepherd. It’s not really Chanel we are worried about; it’s the lack of space that is the problem. Also the potty training task along with vet bills because I’m pretty sure he needs his shots, heartworm medication, a flea bath, and to be spade. So today during lunch we are bringing him to Friends for Life in the Heights which is the best of the best when it comes to shelters. They adopt their animals out so quickly and they take very good care of them while they are there. (Check out their Website) We plan on going to back to visit him as they clean him up and get him ready for adoption. Who knows…maybe in a month you’ll be seeing a post on our new puppy. ;-)
This last shot is of my daughter who last night was really struggling through some jealousy issue, Haha. Overall though she did really well with our new friend and I was proud of her. I mean come on, how would you feel is some stranger just came in your house and are your family was paying tons and tons attention to him? J
My girl.
Side Note: I love the fact that I am with a man that has such a big heart when I comes to animals, he really is the greatest… just wanted to through that out there. J

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