Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Favorites & A Stroll Down Memory Lane.

Hello dolls! Friday has graciously graced us with her presence again and it is time for another round of  linking up with Carlie at The Duplechin Daily for Friday Favorites. :)

What I am loving...

So it's not the greatest picture but this was me pulling out of my garage on Wednesday morning.
I am so in love with our new place, it's roomy, I don't have neighbors sharing walls with me, and the dogs have a backyard to play in. Even though we slept on a mattress in the dining room the first night, it has still been perfect. :)
Oh and I L-O-V-E my bathtub...LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! 

Jimmy Buffet last Saturday
Jimmy Buffett last Saturday quite possibly tied with Brittany Spears for the most fun concert I have ever been to. It was so much fun getting to hang out with Dad all day and listen to the music I grew up listening to with him. If you are a Jimmy Buffett fan and haven't seen him in concert, I HIGHLY recommend going to one ASAP.
 Tailgating time. Parrot Heads take this stuff seriously! (That's my Dad in the hat with the red ice chest)
 Trevor and I on the way!
 We got a prime spot on the lawn.
This place was packed and he put on an AMAZING show! Love JB!

Finding old things that make you smile.
(To the artist, thanks for this. :) You know who you are)
As much is packing is the work of Satan, it is pretty awesome when you are going through all the worthless stuff you can't seem to remember why you kept, and then you stumble upon something that just makes you smile. I seriously threw away so much crap, but I did find some old notes, papers and pictures that I am glad I kept. :)

Roadtrippin' tomorrow with the Housewife for HC's lingerie shower!
So let's take a stroll down memory lane shall we....
A little over two years ago HC, Housewife, and I were all getting ready to go to Ring Dance. Ring Dance is the Aggie senior dance they have at the end of every year.
 Little to HC know that her fiance had big plans for the night, and I was in on it. :) Long story short, before the dance started we went to take pictures, and I said I really wanted pictures at the back of the Dixie Chicken since my friend Marina had done some bridals there and they turned out so cute! (so that was a bit of a lie, her bridals were cute, but that was not the main motive). Anyways, HC bought it and we headed up there. Right as we were about to pull up I got a text from HC saying "This would be the perfect place for Henry to propose, with us all dressed up and everyone here. :(", I responded with "I'm sure when he does it will be perfect." Little did she know her dream was about to become a reality.
Even though Trevor hates the picture because he looks like a woman with his hand over his mouth, I love it because you just see HC look at me and she knew I knew. :) Henry proposed right there in HC's ideal place and of course she said yes.
Back to present day, 2 years later, we have finally reached the wedding festivities! (HC and Henry decided to have a long engagement for several reasons.) This weekend is the lingerie shower and I am sure with us 3 all back together, good times will be had. As you can see below that usually happens with us.
 HC, myself and Housewife the night of Ring Dance.
Halloween 2010
Spring Break 2010
 Random Night in College Station
Sake Bombs!
Hot Tubbing anyone? lol

Have a fun and fabulous weekend dolls!

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