Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding Wednesday #3

Hello all, it's Wednesday. This week is halfway over, THANK THE LORD! Work has been crazy busy this week but got to make that money.

I haven't done a wedding Wednesday in FOREVER, so here we go!

A big part of any bride's big day is the lovely ladies she is going to share it with, her bridesmaids. Not only does the bride have the task of picking the girls but also what they are going to wear. Whether the bride picks them out or she lets the girls chose on their own, one thing is for sure, they are a LOT of different styles out there. (Some better than others)

I absolutely LOVE these grey dresses with the bright pink and fushia flowers. I am typically not a fan of mismatched bridesmaids dresses but the way this bridal party came together looks stunning. (Don't really get the brides blue shoes but oh well!)
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Okay, so her wedding only lasted 72 days, BUT it really was a beautiful wedding. Including the custom made Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses. I know it's not traditional to have your bridesmaids in white but they looked beautiful. (Side note, does anyone else want to rip Kris Jenner's bow off her dress?)
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Brides have gotten very bold with bridesmaid dresses that don't any way. This photo shows a group with the same general color but all the dresses are very different. (except for the first two) To an OCD bride this would be a nightmare, but maybe to a more eclectic bride this would be perfection.  
Casual outdoor wedding with mix and match peach and beige bridesmaids’ dresses

A phrase that seems to be coming up a lot in my life lately is "to each their own". And that is EXACTLY what comes to mind when I see this choice of bridesmaids dresses. I mean I could see maybe different bouquet colors or shoes but all different color dresses? Taste the rainbow?!Huge bridal party wearing every color of the rainbow

You have to love classic Black and White.The black top with the flowy white bottom come together with the adorning bow to create a very elegant look. I also think the matching peep toe heels are a perfect touch. Side note: Do the flowers make you want a salad?

This has got Texas wedding written all over it. Lace, boots, and the great outdoors. Love the bow and lace overlay on the bridesmaid dresses.
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These matching green knee length dresses look perfect next to the pale grey tuxes. I love that vibrant color. With all the neutral tones today it's good to see some brides are still keeping things colorful.
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I hope you enjoyed this edition of Wedding Wednesday. Have a great day dolls!


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