Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Favorites

Hello dolls! It's finally Friday! And this Friday I am linking up with Carlie at The Duplechin Daily again for Friday Favorites. :)

What I'm loving...

-This extremely long week is actually almost O-V-E-R!
Not kidding y'all, this week was almost too much. Yes, I know we had Monday off but on Tuesday I came in to work around 7AM and LEFT work at 2AM Wednesday morning. No lie. I was seriously about to die. I had nearly been up for 24 hours straight and had to remain extremely focused until I left the office in the wee hours. I did get to sleep in on Wednesday but still had to be back at work. Of course we were busy the rest of the week...oh and did I mention that Trevor had to be moved out of his apartment by last night but we don't get the keys to the new place until today? Oh yeah, and I am paying double rent this month for the new place and current apartment? yes, I am loving that the weekend is here and this week can become history!

-We officially get the keys to our new place today!#@%#^$##!@%
I am so ready to be out of my apartment and into an actual house. :) Even though I won't be moving out officially until not this Sunday but the following, it's still a great feeling to actually be in possession of the keys.

Roadtrip next weekend with HW!
Housewife and I will be making the road trip to the big metropolis of Cleburne, TX for HC's lingerie shower. It will be great to have us all together again and to watch Heather turn different shades of red as she opens scantily clad lingerie in front of friends and family.

And last but certainly not least....

If you haven't heard, I am an obsessed  huge Jimmy Buffett fan. You could call me a Parrot Head. :) ( See Parrot Head definition here) Tomorrow around noon, Dad and Debbie will be coming in to town for brunch in the AM and then we will head to the Woodlands and tailgate until the concert starts at 8. It looks like it's going to be Trevor, myself, Dad, Debbie, a TON of my Dad's friends and a parking lot full of Parrot Heads. I'm thinking this is going to be extremely entertaining. :) I have been counting down to this since we bought the tickets months ago. Seriously can't wait.

I'll leave you with a few Buffett songs that I can't wait to hear tomorrow night.

Have some fun this weekend dolls. :)

"Fins" & "Son of a Son of a Sailor"
"Cheeseburger in Paradise"
"Pencil-Thin Mustache"
and of course "Margaritaville"


  1. Your house is gorgeous! Congrats!

  2. Thanks Carlie! I can't wait to finally be moved in. Packing is terrible! lol.