Thursday, July 7, 2011

Be Kind, Enjoy your snowcone.

HEY HEY! I have decided to start the very terrifying fun journey of having a blog. I do hope that I can bring some sort of insight, humor, or at least some minimal entertainment to you day with each post. Please have patience with me as I try and get this whole "blogging" thing down. So without further a due, my first post.

You will probably never hear me say this again but today, I kind of like love working for this company. (I will not be disclosing where I work in case I decide to blog on a day where I may feel "slightly" different than today)Today our company sent a snow cone truck over and paid for everyone to have as many snow cones as we could cram down our throats for about 45 minutes. The yard guys were scarfing them down like lions chowing down on a wilder beast on the African plains, BUT they do work outside all day long in this TEXAS heat moving pipe around so I would also be eating snow cones like a wild animal if I had their jobs. Overall, it was a pleasant unexpected perk in the average work day. 

Okay, so not to sound ungrateful but I had a few complaints.... (This is the point of blogging right???)

So the truck played music. What kind of music you ask? Steel drum/beachy style of songs like "Under the Sea" from the little mermaid and "In the jungle" type of songs. It doesn't sound too bad right? WRONG! Don't get me wrong, I love Jimmy Buffett and he is the king of beachy music but this wasn't JB quality. Why you ask?  Because each song went on FOR-EV-ER.......FOREVER! And the delightful little truck was parked right in front of the quality building. SUPER! Secondly was the gingergentleman serving us our snow cones, let me get a description for you; Obese, paler than Edward in Twilight, and COVERED in freckles. Now I am not complaining about the guys looks, some people are blessed with other things... I am complaining because when I got back up to my office (which is on the 2nd floor) I was looking out the window when the round, red headed fellow serving up our chilly delights turned around where I guess he thought no one could see, pulled back his lip and yanked out titanic GLOB of what I can only assume was chewing tobacco. As I sat and finished my lemon lime snow cone, I felt very thankful that I chose to ignore my "inner only child" and get only one delicious snow cone.

Happy Thursday or as my very professional boss says, "Big-Ass Beer Day".



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