Friday, July 22, 2011

Puppy, Paintings, and Traffic Annoyances

Good Friday Morning!

I don't know about you guys but dragging myself out of bed waking up on Friday morning is always a little bit easier than other days of the week. A plus for me that I have is a very rare black and white girl-fox-bear-puppy that the moment I open my eyes, (she can always tell) creates instant cuteness right in my arms. Chanel proceeds to shove her nose under my arm and work her way into my chest nuzzling up to my neck. It's seriously the cutest dang thing I have ever seen. But she has strategy I tell ya...because the moment I get up she jumps down and pretends like she is going to continue accompanying me as I get ready but then runs back to the bed and lays directly in my spot with this very pleased look on her face.

She is about 6 inches from my face
She has been caught.

So on Wednesday I went to the class called "Painting with a Twist" with 4 of my girlfriends. I know I already explained what it is in my last blog BUT in case you haven't read it or do not care to read the blog before this I will elaborate again. An instructor shows you step by step how to create the paining that you signed up for. (It's different everyday) Now the "twist" is that you have snacks and more importantly wine while you are painting. I am pretty sure the wine definitely made my picture MUCH better. It was a ton of fun and probably one of the best weeknight girl's nights that you can do. They have a lot of locations not only in Houston but in other big cities in Texas. Check out their website-Painting With A Twist

Myself, Ashley, Marina, Katie, and Heather with our paintings.

Moonlit Cherry Blossoms

Now I have greatly enjoyed this whole blogging thing. I like to think of it as free therapy some times. So I hope my venting some days can at least make you smile

Every day I drive 26 miles both ways which ends up being about 35 minute drive to work and a 40/45 minute drive home. I know what your thinking..."In Houston traffic, SHE IS NUTS". Well before your judgement commences let me explain that I actually drive against traffic. Since I live in the Heights (for you non-Houstonians it's an area nestled in between Downtown and the Galleria) and I drive to Spring I actually do NOT sit it traffic moving no faster than 15 miles an hour. HOW-EV-ER...I do encounter some less than pleasing happenings on my drive in. I won't go into to much detail but for the information of everyone on the Houston highways 290, 249 and 610 North....THE FAST LANE IS MEANT TO BE DRIVEN FAST!!! If you are NOT going ABOVE 70 MILES AN HOUR-MOVE THE "bleep" OVER!@$#%!#$Q!$! This morning on my way in some "Canadian" gentleman was driving in his Cadillac Seville with 24 inch wheels(I'm going to bet he wasn't on his way to work either) in the fast line moving along at about 64 miles and hour...NOT OKAY! In turn he not only was blocking me but started a nice little traffic back up because no one could pass the other slow pokes in the other 2 lanes of 290 outbound. Monday through Friday 6AM-10AM Sunday drivers need to stay OFF the roads. Traffic should always look just like this when I am driving to work at 6:30 AM.

Trevor, I think the grey ones taller...

Lastly, I am so ready for 3 o'clock to roll on around. A big thumbs up to my great boss who is letting me leave early so that the boyfriend and I can beat most of that horrible south Houston traffic and get to Bridge City before dark. We're having dinner with my Dad tonight and he is not a guy you really want to make wait.

This the night that his ONLY CHILD and little girl got her Aggie ring...this is his super happy face. Dead Serious.

Have a fabulous Friday dolls.

p.s. This cup brings more joy to me that it probably should, my Aggie cup that is filled to the brim with diet coke every single morning. Thanks and Gig'Em to Trevor's mom for giving it to me last Christmas.

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