Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Wedding Wednesday

Please pardon the interruption; before getting started with our regular schedule blogging I just wanted to say that...


but dog gone it, I still have no earthly idea what I am wearing to the main event. @###$%&$#@#$!!!

Now back to your regular scheduled blog. :)

As I have already warned, I am slightly obsessed with weddings. As I have also said I get to me a maid of honor in Heather L's wedding and a bridesmaid in Heather C's wedding. :) Over the past months since they have both become engaged, I have tried to help them with ideas and inspiration as much as possible according to what each girl is going for at their wedding. Which, not to brag, but they both tell me I am very good at it. :)

Heather L. is going for a tradition and classy wedding with a deep purple, green, and slate grey color palette. Her wedding dress is to die for. I actually got the privilege do be there when she purchased it. Obviously I can't give much more details on that subject. To get an idea of what I mean here are some pictures that we have sent back and fourth over the past few months.
Flowers, White, Bouquet, Purple, Bridesmaids, Bridal, And, Calla, Mini, Callas, Monday morning flowers, Picasso

Heather C. is having a more country/rustic meets modern fall wedding with golden yellow, espresso brown, and maroon/Burgundy color palette. She is still looking for the dress but has a pretty good idea of what she wants. For a more descriptive picture of her wedding style, have a look at some pictures posted below. :) 

Hanging lanterns
057Houston Wedding Photographers_3696.jpg
White, Green, Purple, Red, Centerpiece, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Gold, Fall, Crystals, Tree, Manzanita, Autumn, Wishing

Clearly both very different but very pretty. WARNING MUSHY MOMENT AHEAD----

I really have so excited to be apart of both of ya'lls special day. You both deserve the perfect weddin and I hope that I really can help make that happen for you.

Happy Wednesday dolls.

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