Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's the little things...

that make a good weekend great.

Thumbs up of this weekend.

1-Getting a mirror that you have been wanting for months. And having your very strong and resourceful boyfriend hang it up for you. 
2-While getting the mirror you have been wanting for months, finding an adorable owl picture for under 20 dollars.
3-Getting a letter in the mail from an anonymous yet incredible friend. People don't write enough letters these days. :) BTW anonymous friend, you will receive your reply by mail soon. 
4-Having a lovely dinner tonight with Mrs. Lienweber that included some amazing pizza and tasty Bellinis. 
5-Enjoying the a Texas summer night on Friday with some good friends.
6- Having the best fried okra I have had since last year on Saturday at Goodsen's in Tomball with more good friends and also seeing "Horrible Bosses" at a theater that serves wine. :)
7-Having the most adorable puppy sleeping in my lap as I write this post. 
8-Having a friend who is a pharmacy tech that can tell you the best cough drop brand that FINALLY helped make me feel less like a fire ant colony is living in my throat every time I talk. 
9-Getting really excited every time I hear a B.Spears/Niki Minaj song because I get to see her in concert in 3 days. 
10- Knowing that when I lay down tonight I have so much to thank God for. :)

Happy Sunday dolls. 

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