Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hump Day Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

It's been one heck of a busy week. When you boss is on vacation, for me at least, that = A LOT more work. Because people are constantly calling me and trying to get me to do the same thing my boss with 25 + years of experience does. Clearly I am not as capable of certain tasks.

But enough about stupid work. The week is half way over! (Got to look at the glass half full) Only 2 more days then Trevor, Chanel (She's a peach to travel with) and I will be going back to Bridge City for the weekend for my friend Shannon's wedding. We are also looking forward to spending time with my crazy dysfunctional family and getting to see old friends. BONUS-My housewife will be home this weekend too. Double win.

As for the rest of this post, I believe I'm just going to go with some thumbs up/thumbs down of this week/previous weekend so far.

Thumbs Up:
1.Going to the Tasting Room at City Center on Friday night with Trev and two of my long time wonderful friends who just happen to be married. We sat outside and the weather was wonderful. They also had a band that was really good and also very funny. The wine, of course, was really good. Seriously though, I have been friends with the Surbers for nearly 5 years now and over those past 5 years they have become two of not only mine, but Trevor's really good friends. They are wonderful people and I do really enjoy random wine nights with them. :)
2. Getting to "Wobble" on Saturday night at Rebel's on Washington Street. I seriously haven't got to do that line dance since the cruise. It's fun.
3. Black Eyed Pea on Sunday yummmmmmmmm.
4. Monday runday with Chanel.
5. Last night's new Pretty Little Liars episode. I'm seriously obsessed with that show. I think it's great. "It's open season BFF's and I'm hunting liars."-(love that line)
6. Quality time the the BF during week nights that get me through the work day.
7.  Getting my nails done on Monday which greatly improved my quality of living.
8. Pinot's Pallet tonight with the girls. It's the genius idea that you get a group of women in a class room where they show you how to paint a specific picture, each class is a different painting. The real kicker is you drink wine and have snacks while you paint. Makes for some good times and better paintings??? (maybe). I'll update you more on this little adventure tomorrow.

Thumbs Down:
1. America losing the World Cup in the 117th minute on Sunday. That was really heartbreaking.
2. My drink tab Saturday night at Rebels....
3. Being 45 minutes late for work today. I woke up at about 7:02 ...Doesn't sound to bad except for the fact that I am suppose to be at work at 7:00. Yeah...needless to say I went into panic mode and ran like a wild animal to get ready and get out of the house as fast as possible. I think poor Chanel was traumatized. Don't worry, I gave her peanut butter and she was perfectly happy with life.
4. The guy at the gym yesterday that sounded as if one of 4 following choices were happening; A) He was giving birth B) He swallowed an entire cat and was trying to cough it up C) He was having lung surgery and they forgot to put him under or D) He was getting kicked repeatedly it his dough boy tummy by Chuck Norris. Y'all, not kidding this guy was horrible, loud, and annoying. He would also drop the weights after he was done with his 5 effin reps. Like read the sign Mr. Hogan-"Please DO NOT drop the weights". I believe next time I have to work out next to the chump I will let him know, although he's probably too stupid from all the steroids and supplements to under stand. I'll keep you posted.
5. Eyebrow waxing on Monday. Unlike a friend of mine, CoughjessicaCough, I do not enjoy the feeling of hot wax ripping hairs off my eye brow, but hey beauty hurts. (Love you Jess)
6. Getting yelled/cat-called at on Monday while running on the canal by...well, let's see... "Hispanics" that couldn't have been over the age of 16. NO child, I am not your "senorita" and this is AMERICA, if your going to holler at me at least do it in ENGLISH!
7. The cable company Ygnition. If I could blow up every one of their buildings and get away with it I totally would. My apartment complex has a contract and you have to use them. THEY ARE THE WORSE CABLE PROVIDER IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Halfway through everyone, we just have to hang on 2 more days...

Happy Hump-Day Dolls.

P.S.-This song is on as I write this blog and I thought I would share, makes me smile...:)
 I come from the land down under

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