Friday, July 8, 2011

Confession time...

Okay so I have a slight obsession with weddings. Luckily not only do I get to attend four weddings between now and next November I get the wonderful privilege to be in two of them. My friend Heather L is marrying her long time sweetie of seven years ,Michael, in February of 2012, and I will be playing MOH. (Maid on Honor). Also in November of 2012, another Heather, Heather C. is marrying her college bf and I am a bridesmaid. My long time friend all the way back to elementary, Shannon, is getting married on the 23 of this month. And last but certainly not least Trevor and I's friend Briana will marry her long time BF in February of 2012. They are all very beautiful girls and I am sure all of their weddings will be wonderful and unique, each customized to their own personalities.

With all that being said, looking at wedding stuff is perfectly appropriate because I am playing crucial rolls in two of these in the next year and a half. I take my job in weddings very seriously. See picture below...

Marina and J.C.'s wedding-March 2010.
Seriously, don't mess with me and weddings.

So from time to time I will share photos and ideas on here. I hope you  tolerate enjoy my little wedding addiction. Maybe I can help inspire you, or just give you some pretty pictures to look at. Whatever works.

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