Friday, July 15, 2011

Cheese Enchiladas and the Gym Annoyances

It's Friday! Friday! FRIDAY!

and I am NOT singing that stupid Rebecca Black excuse for a song. I am so glad that it is Friday, mainly because Thursday was a less than pleasing day for several reasons. I am not going to elaborate too much but work was tough, some lady passed out cold at the same restaurant we were at during lunch, and certain people's character flaws were really testing my patience. To top it off I was incredibly exhausted after lunch from not getting as much sleep as I normally do the night before. (It was totally worth it though because Britney Spears killed it)  So when I got home yesterday, I crawl straight into bed. 5:30 rolls around and that typically means I change into workout clothes go pick up Trevor, and work out from 6-7. This is how that went down.

(Phone ringing)
D-Hey, whatcha doing?
T-Nothing, just talking with Shawn. You about to be here?
D-Yeahhhh, about that. I'm super tired from last night still and think I am going to skip the gym today.
T-Oh yeah I bet you are tired. Okay well I will see you when I get out.
D-Okay, see you then

I lay back down for about 45 seconds.....then.... (After thinking about that super healthy Mexican food I ate for lunch)

(Phone ringing)
D-I am about to be at your place.
T-Okay (starts to say something else)
D-(interrupting) I just guilted myself into working out because I was thinking about cheese enchiladas.
D-Yeah so I'll be there soon.

Trevor could tell from the moment I picked him up how "great" a mood I was in when he said, and I quote, "I feel sorry for your elliptical".

Now, before I continue I just have to get this off my chest I absolutely CAN NOT stand people on facebook that post a new status every time they drag their butts to a gym. ATTENTION TO PEOPLE WHO DO THAT: NO ONE CARES! If you are really working out as much as you say, then it will show. It is not necessary to post your check in at the gym the moment you pull in the parking lot. Now don't get me wrong, it's a free country and you can post whatever you want, and sometimes people have really great workouts and want to share it (guilty of that), I completely get it. But EVERY SINGLE TIME (read in slow motion)....not necessary. So with all that said, I promise to not make "gym posts" unless it comes with a good story.

So back to the original story, Trevor and I are now at the gym (thank you los cucos) and as I begin my workout, I take notice to a few things. Mind you, still not in a very good mood.

-To the girl in the matching Addidas workout outfit, the galleria is about 5 miles down the road, you would probably get a better workout there than here.
-To the guy who keeps trying to maintain eye contact with me while you do your lat pull downs...I have no interest in you, and you’re creeping me out.
-To the creepy small 30 year old male with giant head phones, I can still hear your weird techno music that sings about "kitty cats, milk and being the affair", turn that shit down.
-To the wanna be meathead who's arms are not much bigger than mine, doing that ONE press on bench and making noises that sound like you're on the toilet is not going to help you turn into the hulk like creature you aspire to be.

I will say, even with all the annoyances I am so glad that I ended up going. 45 minutes on the butt killer GLUT course and some abs was really what I needed. Before the gym I really was running on a very short fuse (from my frustrations of the day). Sometimes you just need to sweat it out and focus on breathing instead of how crazy life and people can drive you.

I also want to give kudos to two very special ladies and one great guy who helped me keep my sanity yesterday, and trust me, it's not the first time any one of them have done so. Jess and Lauryn, thank you both for some good laughs and great advice. I apologize for my ranting and appreciate your friendship more than you will ever know. Trevor, thank you for being you. (I know, super cheesy, but also super true). The reason I laugh everyday is because of you. You really do make the problems go away just by being there.  

Okay, I am actually going to start working now, and begin my countown to the weekend....(only 7 hours and 25 minutes left..WOO!)

Happy Friday Dolls.

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